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The ObamaBuddy Exemption Should Go Public

Opt Out of ObamaCare Too!
The ObamaBuddy Exemption Should Go Public

MyObamaBuddyThe rapidly growing number of companies, unions, and states bursting out of the Obamacare escape hatch is UNBELIEVEABLE! 
From the looks of the roster of opt-outs to whom the White House has given special exemptions to ObamaCare, it appears to be a Who's Who of Groups Too Democrat To Snare.

Pardon me for sounding a bit self-serving and populist but if the buddies of the White House can Opt Out of ObamaCare – You and I should be able to as well.
In September, Obamacare promoter and Democrat Rep. Ron Wyden applied for a special state waiver from the very federal mandate he advocated for everyone else.
Within a few weeks McDonald's Double Arch got it's own Obamacare waiver after informing federal regulators that it couldn't afford ObamaCare and would have to drop its affordable health insurance plan for nearly 30,000 restaurant workers unless it got a pass.
In early October, the Obama administration announced it had granted waivers not only to McDonald's, but also to several other firms and oh yeah - labor unions—Groups Too Democrat To Snare.
Of Course Obama and Congress are Exempt.
I almost forgot Muslims are also exempt.
Hey Obama – I want to Opt Out TOO!
Please add my name to the National ObamaCare Opt Out Registry!
The NOOO! List is APPROACHING  1,000,000 STRONG
But that wasn't enough back-room dealing -- HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius approved an incredible 111 waivers for businesses AND Unions and other providers of health insurance.
Just curious…Which party is the party of big corporations and special interest groups?
According to HHS, waivers depend on "a series of factors including whether or not a premium increase is large or if a significant number of enrollees would lose access to their current plan because the coverage would not be offered in the absence of a waiver."
Ummm...According to the Medicare Actuary – Millions and Millions of Seniors will lose access to their current plan. Does that mean Seniors can Opt Out?
Aetna, based in Hartford, Connecticut, was part of a first round of waivers in September for 209,423 beneficiaries in plans that don't comply with the new requirement. Oak Brook, Illinois- based McDonald's Corp., the world's largest restaurant chain, Jack in the Box Inc., based in San Diego, and the United Federation of Teachers also were among the waiver recipients.
About 200,000 people were included in the new round of exemptions, bringing the total to almost 1.2 million people, HHS said on its website. Also on the list for exemptions are Manor Care Inc., a nursing-home company owned by Washington-based private equity firm Carlyle Group, and Universal Forest Products Inc., a lumber company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Spokesmen for Manor and Universal Forest didn't immediately respond to messages seeking comment.
…Dish Network, the Englewood, Colorado-based No. 2 U.S. satellite-television provider, will be given a waiver for 3,597 employees, and Orlando, Florida-based Darden Restaurants, owner of the Olive Garden and Red Lobster chains, will get a waiver for 34,000 workers, according to the HHS list. Darden spokesman Rich Jeffers didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. Dish Network spokesman Marc Lumpkin declined to comment.
Hey Obama – I want to Opt Out TOO!
Please add my name to the National ObamaCare Opt Out Registry!
The NOOO! List is APPROACHING  1,000,000 STRONG
The waivers, which last for a year and can then be renewed, let workers keep coverage until new options are available in four years under the law, said Jessica Santillo, a spokeswoman for the agency.
Make no mistake: Team Obama isn't granting the waivers out of bleeding-heart compassion for the affected workers, but out of a panicked urgency to avoid a public relations disaster.
Old Obama promise: Everyone gets to keep his or her health insurance.
New Obama promise: You can keep your health insurance…if you BEG hard enough for an Obamacare waiver—If you are Too Democrat To Snare.
It seems the only way for hundreds of thousands of workers to keep their health insurance is to exempt them from the government-imposed "fix."
Well I Want Out!

Hey Obama – I want to Opt Out TOO!
Please add my name to the National ObamaCare Opt Out Registry!
The NOOO! List is APPROACHING  1,000,000 STRONG
The left-wing media and George Soros labels conservative Obamacare critics as "Republican repeal mongers" — even as the White House and HHS concede failure and continues to approve waiver after waiver to company after company after union after union.
And its not just conservatives pouncing on the REPEAL, Democrats' own push to repeal the onerous IRS 1099 provisions:
  • A leading Senate Democrat vowed Friday to introduce legislation killing a part of the new healthcare reform law that imposes new tax-filing requirements on small businesses.Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.), chairman of the Finance Committee and a leading architect of the reform law, said a provision requiring businesses to report more purchases to the IRS will impose undue paperwork burdens on companies amid an economic downturn when they can least afford it.
  • Baucus, who had pushed legislation scaling back the requirement earlier in the year, now wants it repealed in full.
  • "I have heard small businesses loud and clear and I am responding to their concerns," Baucus said in a statement.
  • "Small businesses are the backbone of our economy in my home state of Montana and across the country, and they need to focus their efforts on creating good-paying jobs — not filing paperwork."
Well, we all have our Repeal Monger Moments!  It all boils down to being Too Democrat To Snare.
Hey Obama – I want to Opt Out TOO!
Please add my name to the National ObamaCare Opt Out Registry!
The NOOO! List is APPROACHING  1,000,000 STRONG

Defend America,

Lawrence A. Hunter, Ph.D.
Social Security Institute 
15 Culpeper St. 
Warrenton VA, 20187

P.S. We have never been closer to repealing ObamaCare thanks to your efforts. Please help us keep the pressure on Congress and lets remind the Lame Duck and the incoming 112th Congress that we mean business. Send Congress a Fax Today!

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