Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Civitas Poll: Voters: “Cap and What?” | John W. Pope Civitas Institute

Raleigh, N.C. – Only 13 percent of voters could identify “Cap and Trade” as legislation that will impact the environment or energy policy according to a new poll released today by the Civitas Institute. Nearly two-thirds of voters polled had no idea, if enacted, what the legislation would do.

Civitas Poll: Voters: “Cap and What?” | John W. Pope Civitas Institute

It's amazing to me how uninformed the general public is. It's no wonder the politicians think they can just do whatever they want, because the vast majority simply don't pay attention. They can put up with a little squawking from a few and just keeping doing what they're doing.

Cap and Trade is not really about the environment or energy, although that's how it is portrayed. It's really just an energy tax hidden in a bunch of gobbledygook.

The government picks a number out of thin air and says 'this is how many tons of carbon a company can produce.' Let's say it's 100 tons. That's the 'Cap'.

Company A produces 110 tons of carbon and Company B produces 60 tons. Company A has a 10 'credit' deficit. Company B has 40 credits to spare. In order to avoid fines and penalties, Company A must either reduce their production by 10% (can you say layoffs), or buy credits from another company. So Company A buys 10 credits from Company B. That's the 'Trade'. Now everybody's happy, right?

What did we accomplish? Well, Company A is still spewing out 110 tons of carbon. Only now it costs more to the consumer, since production now costs more by having to spend millions of dollars for those extra 10 credits. Company B is still spewing out 60 tons of carbon. No changes there.

So the whole exercise accomplished exactly nothing for the ('save the planet') environment. And it accomplished exactly nothing in the way of creating or producing more energy or more jobs through increased production.

It's all a paper shuffle and a shake down of the consumer in the way of higher costs for the products we use every day (like electricity, if Company A happens to be Duke Power.)

Now you know when you hear the term 'Cap and Trade' (also known as Cap and Tax) from your favorite politician, you should vote him out WITH PREJUDICE.

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