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SAF Sues To Stop Illegal NC "Gun Emergency Law"

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SAF Sues To Stop Illegal North Carolina
"Emergency Powers Gun Law"

North Carolina Confiscates and Bans Firearms

The state of North Carolina crushed the Second Amendment putting law abiding citizens in danger during times of need. The unconstitutional "Emergency Powers Gun law" prohibits individuals from carrying firearms and blocks the sale of guns and ammunitions when the state chooses to declare an "emergency." Firearms are our only means of self-defense in times of chaos, crime and the endangerment of our families. SAF is suing the state of North Carolina for destroying our Second Amendment rights and putting our lives and our families lives in danger.

STOP "Emergency Powers Gun Law"
Donate to Defend the Second
Amendment NOW!

During an emergency is when citizens need the Second Amendment most. We all saw what happened during hurricane Katrina. The government confiscated guns from law abiding Americans who only wanted to defend their homes and loved ones. Rampant crime and chaos erupted. Innocent people were murdered, raped and left for dead. Criminals grabbed guns, looted homes and terrorized families. Without guns regular Americans were left defenseless on the bayou. Ironically, our government told the residents of New Orleans they would be safer without guns. That is like telling them to carry a knife to a gun fight.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the case brought by The Second Amendment Foundation known as McDonald vs. Chicago and determined that citizens have a right to bear arms and defend themselves. In a historic ruling, the court affirmed that the Second Amendment could be incorporated into states. The Second Amendment not only gives citizens the ability to defend themselves, it also protects Americans from OVERREACHING governments that think they can adequately protect their citizens. Like any other task the government thinks it can handle, its outcome is always a GIGANTIC failure. Historically, the government has done a disastrous job at ensuring the safety of Americans. You should NOT trust the government to protect you.

Donate Now - Help SAF Continue To Defend Gun Rights!

Our recent victory in the Supreme Court was a hard won battle. Obama and his leftie loons stooped to the lowest of lows using Chicago-style politics to try and crush the Second Amendment. They resorted to fear mongering to scare citizens into taking action against the case. Liberals rallied the media claiming gun ownership would result in nationwide gun violence. The only thing violent about guns is the criminals that illegally use them. Thanks to your help, SAF was able to derail Obama's gun control agenda and overturn Chicago's gun ban at the Supreme Court. But our fight is far from over. We need YOU to help us fund our legal battle against the North Carolina legislature to make sure the Liberal gun grabbers don't succeed in disarming America.


Donate Now - Help SAF Continue To Defend Gun Rights!

If the "Emergency Powers Gun Law" is not overturned, every other state will find ways to create their own version of the "Emergency Powers Gun Law." This will annihilate all the hard work and grassroots activism that we used to ensure our Second Amendment Rights are protected. Pretty soon the floodgates will open to overturn the recent Supreme Court ruling and eventually we will see a nationwide gun ban.

The "Emergency Powers Gun Law" is ILLEGAL. The Supreme Court just ruled that the Second Amendment MUST BE APPLIED AND UPHELD BY ALL STATES. "The Emergency Powers Gun Law" does not uphold the recent Supreme Court ruling; it has destroyed a hard earned victory for gun owners across America. "Through this lawsuit in North Carolina," said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb," we intend to show that state emergency powers statutes that allow government officials to suspend fundamental civil rights, including the right to bear arms, are unconstitutional and therefore should be nullified. Citizens do not surrender their civil rights just because of a natural or man-made disaster."

We WON but protecting our gun rights is expensive and it's impossible to put a price tag on. This time freedom will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend your Second Amendment rights in this challenge by North Carolina's "Emergency Powers Gun Ban." SAF stands firmly committed to defend these rights and we are asking you to stand with us and we need your help to stop the anti-freedom extremists now!


Donate Now - Help SAF Continue To Defend Gun Rights!

The Second Amendment Foundation ( is the nation's oldest and largest tax-exempt education, research, publishing and legal action group focusing on the Constitutional right and heritage to privately own and possess firearms. Founded in 1974, The Foundation has grown to more than 650,000 members and supporters and conducts many programs designed to better inform the public about the consequences of gun control.


For our projects to be successful, we must count on the voluntary financial support from individuals like you who care.

We need your financial support today to ensure we have the resources to beat back anti-gunners who will stop at nothing to take away our right and ability to defend ourselves and our families.

Please give your most generous contribution today. Help me defend your individual right to bear arms in this important Supreme Court case, today!

Your donation for just $10 will help so much. If you can afford to send $50 or $100 or more it would truly be a godsend.

Remember, protecting our freedom is not inexpensive.

But then, it's impossible to put a price tag on freedom.

Donate Now - Help SAF Continue To Defend Gun Rights!

Together, we can preserve the Constitutional rights our Founding Fathers intended our people to have forever.

For more information about SAF go to

Thank you. I know I can count on you.

Sincerely yours,

Alan M. Gottlieb
Second Amendment Foundation

P.S. Remember, the anti-gunners are raising tens of thousands of dollars to steal this victory from us---we need your support now to help stop them dead in their tracks!

Donate Now - Help SAF Continue To Defend Gun Rights!

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