Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mass. may join effort to bypass Electoral College

If passed into law, this bill may well be America's undoing. We're already undoing at a pretty fast rate.

I recall Hillary prattling off about eliminating the Electoral College while the ink on her Senatorial win was still wet.

Q: What is it with progressives that they just have to screw with the Constitution and work so hard to try to unravel it?

A: Because it slows down their incessant march toward "progress" by preserving Liberty and Freedom for all. Progressives hate individual freedom. They want Control. They want an Ordered Society. Everything will just be fine if we can just control when you get up, how much you make, what you drive, where you live....

The Electoral College was designed by the Founders of the Constitution to avoid the inherent problems of simple majority rule. Picking winners with majority rule on a national level is a bad idea. Two foxes and a chicken vote on what's for dinner. Guess who loses. (ps. You're the chicken.) The Electoral College is a means to give more weight to the chicken's vote to try to make it more fair.

I'm all for majority rule at a state or local level. But tallying the national popular vote is a meaningless exercise. The nation doesn't elect the President. The People in each of the States do. Those who do not understand the Electoral College had better get themselves educated on it. Because removing it means allowing even more corruption in the election process.

Talking about the 'popular vote' is as silly as reciting only the total score of the World Series. It's a meaningless number.

Let's say the total score of the World Series between Team A and Team B was 31. Team A had 15 total points and Team B had 16 total points in the entire series. Can you tell from that information who won the World Series? Of course not. But liberals would tell you Team B won, of course, because they had more of the total points (a.k.a "popular vote").

But did they win?

The World Series contest is played 'best out of 7 games'.

              Team A     Team B     Winner
Game 1        4               1              A
Game 2        1               4              B
Game 3        3               1              A
Game 4        2               1              A
Game 5        1               5              B
Game 6        2               3              B
Game 7        2               1             A Wins the series in the last game!
                  15             16

The World Series is 7 separate contests.

A national Presidential election is FIFTY ONE separate contests!
(includes Washington, D.C. as per the 23rd Amendment, 1961)

That's the way the Founding Fathers, primarily James Madison, wrote the Constitution (even though there were only 13 states at the time). And the number of Electoral College votes are allocated based on the overall population of each state. They saw that the power of the people should be strongest at the state level. An all too powerful federal government would be less accountable to the people. (Exactly what we're seeing today.) Instead, candidates must win over voters in the smaller states and can't just focus on winning the big states. (Note that the smaller states tend to be more conservative and the 'big city' states more liberal.)

Hillary's call right after the election that it was time to abolish the Electoral College is an obvious ploy to allow the libs, whose power is centralized in the big cities, to override the vast majority of the "red state fly over" country. Of course they want to abolish it! It's the only thing standing between them and total control!

On the contrary, if we were going to change it at all, I say we distribute the power even more to The People and instead of counting the Electoral College by states, we count them by COUNTY. (Of course then you'd have fascism the other way with one party in control. That's just as bad!)

No, I think the plan is working great and shouldn't be messed with. For either side to win they have to overwhelmingly get the majority support and vote from EACH of the 50 individual states, and DC.


I honestly can't recall if I came up with the baseball analogy on my own or if I read this article first. In any case, this was first published in 1996, well before the very close elections of 2000/2004, and makes the case, proving mathematically why the Electoral College is such an elegant method of balancing the election process against tyranny.

Discover: Math Against Tyranny


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