Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Congress must stop the EPA from taking over the economy! Yes on SJR 26!

I try not to bug people with politics, but they just won't leave us alone. This one is important!
Please get on the horn and see if we can stop the EPA from taking over the entire economy by regulating Carbon Dioxide. This is a back door attempt to pass 'Cap 'n' Tax' (aka Cap and Trade) regulations without going through Congress.  The impact of Federal regulation of CO2 as a pollutant will affect the price of everything that moves (energy! Home, auto, ... everything!).  Senate Joint Resolution 26 is in the wind (pun intended) to stop the EPA and will be voted on in the Senate in a few days (June 10).

Your Sentors need to vote YES on this!! Please make the calls.
(Senate Main Switch Board: 202-224-3121 Just ask for your Senator, one per call. Please keep it courteous but be firm)
Don't know who they are? Look them up here. http://www.contactingthecongress.org/ (Save them in your cell phone for next time!)

Congress should not be sitting on its thumbs and letting a bureaucratic pork barrel regulation empire like the EPA usurping Congressional authority. CO2 is just air. It is not a pollutant!  Why stop there? Why not regulate Oxygen too? Or Nitrogen? After all the atmosphere is 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen and only 0.03% CO2! (that's right, only three hundredths of ONE percent!) 
ps. Tomatoes and trees love CO2!
North Carolina Senators
Senator Richard Burr (R- NC) 202-224-3154 202-228-2981
Senator Kay Hagan (D- NC) 202-224-6342 202-228-2563
Florida Senators
Senator Bill Nelson (D- FL) 202-224-5274 202-228-2183
Senator George S. LeMieux (R- FL) 202-224-3041 202-228-5171
Massachusetts Senators
Senator John Kerry (D- MA) 202-224-2742 202-224-8525
Senator Scott Brown (R- MA) 202-224-4543 202-228-2646
Wisconsin Senators
Senator Herb Kohl (D- WI) 202-224-5653 202-224-9787
Senator Russ Feingold (D- WI) 202-224-5323 202-224-2725
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