Friday, January 15, 2010

Obama in Desperation, Heads to Massachusetts


The Hill newspaper has just broken the big news story that Barack Obama is heading to Massachusetts this weekend in a desperate attempt to save the Senate seat for the Democrats in this Tuesday's Special Election.

This comes as Democrats have just dumped MILLIONS of dollars more into the race.  Check out these 24-hour filings from the FEC from Planned Parenthood, the League of Conservation Voters, and big unions:

And that's not all.  This news report just out documents some of the millions of dollars that Democrats have dumped into the race this week to defeat Scott Brown.  It's astounding. 

An email from Ted Kennedy's widow raised $600,000 for the Democrats. raised another $650,000+.  Harry Reid, Chris Dodd & Al Franken raised another $500,000.  Democrat committees dumped in excess of $1 million. 

You can see it for yourself in the report here:

We must keep up our momentum and fight back against this late push by the Left.

The final deadlines for us to purchase advertising for Scott Brown for Senate is the end of the day Monday.  This is it, there are no more tomorrow's - we must make our final push now!

You can make a contribution to our campaign effort for Scott Brown - HERE.

We must take action, for if we can pull out a victory, we stop the Democrats dead in their tracks in their effort to secretly ram through their socialistic healthcare plan.

That's because Scott Brown wholeheartedly opposes the Democrat's government-run healthcare plan and has made his opposition to it a central part of his campaign.

If Brown wins then he will be the deciding vote to kill the socialistic healthcare monstrosity in the Senate!

You can contribute any amount you can afford, from as little as $5 to the maximum allowed $5,000 -- CLICK HERE to CONTRIBUTE --

If you prefer you may also mail in a contribution to our finance headquarters:

Tea Party Express
ATTN: Scott Brown for Senate
770 L Street #1020
Sacramento, CA 95814



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