Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A little mental analogy to understand the federal health care issue

This is just a little mental analogy I'm thinking about to see if I can wrap my mind around what the problem is vs. their solution.
Total U.S. area is a little over 3 million square miles
The US Population is a little over 300 million people
distributed equally, that's about 100 people per square mile, give or take a few.
Obama says there are 40 million people without health insurance, which we know is highly inflated for many reasons.
In reality it's probably less than 1/4 of that.  It's called poverty.
But let's humor him and go with 40 million, that's 400,000 'square miles of people'.  400,000 out of 3 million square miles
So what's 400,000 square miles? Approx Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, Wyoming.
So the federal government is proposing completely revamping, aka nationalizing (despite vehement denials) the entire country's health care system in order to absorb the people of 4 states (all non-payers!), paid for by the people of the other 56 states. What? Err, no that was Obama saying there were 60 states. I mean the other 46 states.
On its face this makes no sense.
This argument should not be about the intricate details of what may or may not be included in a federal health care plan.  The argument should be about out of control spending of the federal government.  It should be about whether the federal government should be in the health care business AT ALL.

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