Tuesday, August 18, 2009

All Aboard the "Tea Party Express"!




For Immediate Release:
August 18 2009

Contact: Levi Russell

(509) 979-6615

10 Day Countdown:



SACRAMENTO, CA -  The countdown to the "Tea Party Express" - - continues, and only 10 days remain until the official launch of the first ever national Tea Party tour.  In recent days the tour has been gaining incredible momentum, as local speakers are added to the schedule, additional vehicles join the caravan, and rally locations are adjusted to accommodate swelling crowds. www.TeaPartyExpress.org


On August 28th, The Tea Party Express caravan, which features two 45-foot coaches along with several RV's, a contingent of SUVs and support vehicles, will head eastward from California to unify, educate, and most importantly encourage Americans to continue their opposition of deficit spending, government-run healthcare, and irresponsible bailouts.


"Our hope for this tour," said Mark Williams, featured speaker onboard the Tea Party Express, "is that patriotic Americans will be encouraged by these rallies, and realize that there are millions of people out there supporting this cause.  Contrary to what Katie Couric will tell you," continued Williams, "we are neither fearful nor ignorant; we are the soul of this nation."


The Tea Party movement has matured greatly in the past year.  What started out as a single cry for help has grown into a phenomenon that is sweeping the nation.  Americans, outraged by reckless and oppressive government policy, are turning out in record numbers to call for a return to conservatism and adherence to the Constitution.


The Tea Party Express tour will feature action-oriented conservative spokespeople and entertainers such as talk show host Mark Williams, Marine Mom Deborah Johns, National Tax Limitation Committee Chairman, Lew Uhler, singer Lloyd Marcus, YouTube sensation Rivoli Review, pop singer Diana Nagy, embedded members of the media, and many more.  

To schedule an interview with a representative from the "Tea Party Express" please contact Levi Russell at (509) 979-6615 or via email at: Levi@FrontLineStrat.com

For more information, including complete schedule details, please visit www.TeaPartyExpress.org


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