Friday, June 12, 2009

Stop EPA Overreach!

Are these people crazy? 
FACT: Only about 0.03 percent of the Earth's atmosphere consists of carbon dioxide (nitrogen, oxygen, and argon constitute about 78 percent, 20 percent, and 0.93 percent of the atmosphere, respectively). (
 They want to control AIR. Actually they want to regulate 0.03 of it.  But it will kill our economy and send utility and other consumer prices through the roof.
They must be stopped!!  Take action! Write letters, make calls, pass it on.

Stop EPA Overreach
Carbon Dioxide is NOT a Pollutant
AFP is engaged in a pitched battle against environmental extremists and we need your help to stop them.  The Left has mobilized their grassroots to tell the EPA to choke off economic activity in this country.
Last year we battled an EPA proposal to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act, a proposal that would allow bureaucrats to control everything that emits carbon dioxide in our country, including: cars, trains, planes and even your lawnmower.
Since the Obama Administration has taken hold, things have only gotten worse.  The EPA is feeling emboldened and have submitted a proposal that would find carbon dioxide "endangers the public health and welfare." 
That's right; the essential gas that has always been a critical component of the planet's natural life cycle will now be officially labeled by the U.S. Government as a pollutant.
Once this "endangerment finding" has been reached, the EPA will be empowered to advance carbon dioxide regulations to their heart's content.  But even if they wanted to take the severe economic impact of this proposal into account, they can't.  Once the endangerment finding is final, they would be compelled to work aggressively to eliminate it across the economy.
One lawsuit by a fringe environmental group could bring our economy to a standstill.
But, before the EPA can pass this ridiculous rule, they are required by law to listen to the people. 
Click here to take action and tell EPA that you oppose this new regulation.



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