Sunday, May 24, 2009

No More RINOs!

Dear Mr. Powell,

You just don't get  it. Conservatives would come out in droves to support the Republican Party if they would stop acting like liberal Democrats. You and Ridge and Specter and a host of thers are so worried about being "inclusive" you are tossing your foundation under the bus. They not switching parties they are simply evaporating. What good does it do to vote at all if your choices are two liberals, one in a blue tie and one in a red tie?

Show me a true conservative candidate and you'll see another landslide victory ala Reagan.

You also need to understand that Rush Limbaugh is not your problem. It's his millions of listeners who agree with what he says. You can denigrate him with your "entertainer" remark like that keith clown does, but when you do, you're insulting 20 million people at once.

Are you really up for that?

Clinton was only elected because Bush 41 was such a wimpy liberal Republican and after promising no new taxes, reniged and raised them anyway rather than take the tough task of cutting the bloated federal budget. Did conservatives vote for Clinton? No, but a large number of them voted for Perot, who while perhaps comical in stature, was saying the right things to get the government back in the black fiscally. But it wasn't enough and Clinton pulled it off.  Conservatives came back again in 1994 after Clinton raised taxes and pulled the reigns back in with Gingrich's Contract with America platform, despite his vetoes. That reform easily pulled him through two terms. Then comes Bush 43, in a field of RINOs, barely pulling off 2 wins (had it not been for war I believe he would not have won a second term). Then the McCain debacle. He's been the one of best guys on the Democrat's side of the isle for years.

I'm about to burn my Republican voter card. It's going to be a conservative candidate or nothing. I've voted for my last RINO.

Until you RINOs finally get  it, and start acting and voting like Republicans, you will remain the minority party. We're not out here just to help you regain power. We're looking for a leader who will get the Federal Government back to operating under its Constitutional restraints and it's enumerated responsibilities again, and nothing more.


Conservatives Unite!  If you really want to make a difference in the next election the time is now to join the grassroots efforts underway to root out the socialists and find and support real conservative candidates, both on the State and National levels. 

Here's a couple of organizations you can join. There are lots more springing up around the country and on the internet. That's the beauty of a conservative movement; it builds from the ground up, not from the top down.  "Defeat Harry Reid"  End 'Anchor Baby' Citizenship for Illegals

Join Join the Patriotic, Resilient, Conservative Resistance.




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