Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Deceptive Advertising flyer from Domain Renewal Group

I get thse bogus domain renewal forms every 3 to 6 months before my domain names are due to renew.

I've gotten them many times over the years.

It's annoying and very deceptive but I'm usually in the middle of fighting 3 or 4 other fires and I just don't have time to try to save the world from one more scam artist, so I just toss them.

However, today I did have time.

2. I submited a formal Prohibitory Order (USPS Form 1500) to the United State Post Office.

Note that the form implies that the offending mailing must be sexually oriented. It does not. Any reason is sufficent and the addressee need not state any reason whatsoever on the form. Note here and here.

3. I created this blog entry with lots of keywords, like scam artist, rip-off, deceptive marketing practices, etc., that will mix in with many others who are doing the same to try to spread the word.

These dweebs are apparently running this racket out of Canada.
Obviously they are making millions on this or they wouldn't keep doing it year after year.

Wouldn't you think that that alone be enough for our government to "protect us"?

Maybe our fully funded Federal government could get off its lead a** and actually do something about this?

Dear FTC:

"Domain Renewal Group" (DRG) appears to be a remake of "Domain Registry of America, Inc. (DROA). I received 3 of their invoice-looking flyers in my (land) mail. These flyers are fraudulent or at least very deceptive in that they appear to be a bill or invoices, and only down in the 3rd paragraph, 4th line does it say 'This notice is not a bill.' I do not do business with this company, nor have I ever. Their rip-off prices for domain name renewal should be incentive enough for you to take action. I renew my domain names for $7, not $30. This company is known to prey on novice computer users who may not realize who their domain name is registered with, or who don't review the flyer closely. The 'fine print' on the back of the form is a laughable 4 point font, faded gray ink. No human over 40 could ever read it without the Hubble Telescope. PLEASE stop this deceptive practice!

The back page of the Domain Renewal Group form
(BTW, their mailing address is to a Mailboxes, Etc. location.)



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