Saturday, April 25, 2009

Why Rush is Wrong | Newsweek

I held my nose and got through all 4 pages of this diatribe, but despite his laundry list of accomplishments, Frum seems to be clueless. He is wrong on so many points, but I don't have the hour it would take to rebut his list of complaints.
Rush Limbaugh is not the spokesperson for the GOP, despite Frum, BHO, et al's attempt to paint him that way. If more people listened to Rush maybe the GOP wouldn't be the minority party for the past 3 years! Rush embraces conservatism. That's not a party, that an ideology. Conservatism has not changed: Limited Federal gov't, strong defense, low taxes, individual freedom and liberty, opportunity, property rights.
The GOP has been so busy trying to chase the "popular" center/left vote they forgot us. I've voted for my last RINO, Mr. Frum. Get over it. I don't have to follow the "New" Republican Party. They (and millions like me) have to follow me. If the GOP keeps following the advice of people like Frum, they'll remain the minority for another 40 years.

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