Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pork, pork, pork, pork, pork, ...

SuuuEEEE!! SuuuEEEE!  Whar's 'em pigs...
Pelosi says she didn't do it?  Ya.  And golf carts. We need Federal golf carts???
Yeah, Reid needs that train to get gamblers from LA to Las Vegas faster!
Obama Claims Stimulus Pork-Free, AP Disagrees
AOL News Newsbloggers, VA - Feb 10, 2009
But when the bill is designed to spend money, you don't use or need earmarks to get your pork on. It's the very nature of the package. ...
Video: Stimulus Compromise Reached CBS
All stimulus politics is local Politico
google news commentComment by Allan J. Lichtman Professor of History, American University
Hot Air
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History Says Obama's Stimulus Won't Work
FOXNews - Feb 11, 2009
Because he says it's a spending bill, "It's not pork, there are no earmarks in this." Well — I mean, if you put the pork in, you know, and nobody is saying, ...
President Obama's Earmark Amnesia
FOXNews - Feb 11, 2009
Let me guess, it depends on the definition of earmark? Press secretary Robert Gibbs continued the administration's offensive for the pork bill, ...
Learning Obama's New Language
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Handful of Firms Benefit in Senate Bill
Wall Street Journal - Feb 10, 2009
By CAM SIMPSON and BRODY MULLINS WASHINGTON -- The stimulus package the Senate approved Tuesday may technically be free of "earmarks," but it nonetheless ...
Jack Colwell: Pork in the Eye of the Beholder
Howey Politics Indiana, IN - 2 hours ago
Members of both parties like pork and denounce pork. They earmark it and like it when it's for their projects and denounce it when it's instead for the ...
Recession give Democrats excuse to load the pork barrel - Feb 10, 2009
At least one pork-laden project was removed from the stimulus package when someone let it be known that money was being allotted for a water park. ...
AP, please define "pork" Media Matters for America
Obama's 'change'is same old pork The Tennessean
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Obama is headed for a one-term presidency
Washington Examiner, DC - 12 hours ago
It is doubtful Obama will ever say anything more damaging to his credibility than his claim "there are no earmarks" in the stimulus bill. ...
Obama vows close scrutiny of stimulus spending
Indianapolis Star, United States - 10 hours ago
Obama has touted the fact that the bill does not include traditional earmarks, funding for specific, local projects that are inserted into spending bills by ...

Dakota Voice
US Senate passes $838 billion economic package
Tulsa World, OK - Feb 10, 2009
Despite claims to the contrary from Democrats, including President Obama, Coburn insists the bill is loaded with "earmarks." He also warns the bill would ...
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Obama ratchets up the rhetoric on stimulus plan
The Associated Press - Feb 6, 2009
He's also defended earmarks as inevitable in such a package. And he's pointedly reminded Republicans about who won the November election. ...
Video: Obama Talks Up Stimulus in Weekly Address AssociatedPress
Stimulus plan better late than never…maybe Fulton Valley News (subscription)
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The Union Leader
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