Friday, February 06, 2009

One Giant Step Toward Socialism

I'm just watching in wonder as our country slides into the abyss. 



STIMULUS DEAL REACHED? $780,000,000,000.00 


Well praise the Lord and pass the pork. The POTUS and his Congressional band of limo liberals have saved the day. What would we do without them? Why, our country was practically on the verge of total meltdown. The lights were about to go off and our cars almost quit working.




The United States Unemployment Rate 


The United States Misery Index. The US Misery Index. Misery Index = Unemployment rate + Inflation rate.



Recessions come and go. It has always been so. Instead of spending a dime, POTUS could walk out into the Rose Garden, stand on one foot, spin around three times and spit in a southerly direction and the recession will STILL abate in 3 to 6 months. This spending boondoggle is an absolute travesty. I HOPE you realize that the CHANGE you sought has sold out our FUTURE for generations.    




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