Friday, February 13, 2009

Henrietta et al are the people the Joe the Plumbers will be 'spreading their wealth' to

Henrietta Hughes, et al, are the people the Joe the Plumbers will be 'spreading their wealth' to.
A few years ago my sister (not a rich person by any means) took in a homeless family off the side of the road (central Florida).
A man, wife, three kids (white folks, not that it's important to the story). Took them home, cleaned them up, fed and housed them for weeks. Over 2 or 3 months she took them out, got them clothes. Found them both a job, a place to rent and got the kids in school. She checked on them daily then weekly for a couple of months.
Next thing she knew they had rented a TV and some nicer furniture. Then the wife lost her job. So he quit. Said he wasn't working if she wasn't.
She saw them on the side of the road not long after.
Alas, my sister learned a valuable lesson.
Parable, The Lesson of the Butterfly:  You cannot help the butterfly by opening the cocoon for him.
By giving Henrietta a house she has learned nothing, except that begging works.
And that example will spread across the nation: Begging works.
My Dad (who grew up in the Great Depression) always says 'If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.'
Now it's true!!
Welcome to the Socialization of the Obamanation of Amerika...

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