Thursday, February 26, 2009

FEAR MONGERING ....More to come

I got this in an email:

Today, Obama wrote in an op-ed piece in the Washington Post that if Congress does not pass his "stimulus" package, and do so right away, "Our nation will slip deeper into a crisis that, at some point, we may not be able to reverse." "Wow," I thought when I read this, "The stimulus bill must contain some really important stuff if it's critical to the survival of our country! I better take a closer look. Maybe the guy is really onto something." So, I did some internet research and here is just some of the massive spending proposed in the bill:

-- $50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts
-- $380 million for the Women, Infants & Children welfare program
-- $300 million in grants to combat violence against women
-- $1.2 billion to provide "youth" with summer jobs
-- $2.4 billion for "neighborhood stabilization" activities
-- $650 million for digital TV coupons
-- $150 million for the Smithsonian
-- $34 million to renovate the Dept. of Commerce headquarters
-- $500 million for improvements to the National Institute of Health facility
-- $44 million for repairs to the Dept. of Agriculture's headquarters
-- $350 million for agriculture department computers
-- $88 million to move (that's right, move) the Public Health Service into a new building.
-- $1 billion for the Census Bureau
-- $89 billion for Medicaid
-- $30 billion for COBRA extensions
-- $36 billion for expanded unemployment
-- $20 billion for food stamps
-- $850 million for Amtrak
-- $87 million for a "polar ice breaking ship" (What about the ice caps melting because of global warming?)
-- $1.7 million for the National Park Service
-- $55 million for the Historic Preservation Fund
-- $7.6 million for the Rural Advancement Program
-- $150 million for "agricultural commodity purchases"
-- $150 million for producers of livestock, farm-raised fish and honey bees
-- $160 million for paid volunteers (what is a "paid volunteer"?) at the Corporation for National and Community Service

Are we really to believe Obama that we may not be able to reverse our country's slide if he and Congress are prevented from ramming all this pork down our throats? And, by the way, what happened to Obama's pledge to end pork barrel spending?

Another interesting tidbit: Obama said that one of the reasons Congress must pass the stimulus bill, and must pass it NOW, is to end our dependence on foreign oil. What is astonishing is that he made this proclamation about energy independence less than 24 hours after his new interior secretary canceled the oil and gas leases on 77 parcels of federal land.

We are only two weeks into this guy's term and already he and his party are out of control.

'Day of Reckoning', Obama Outlines Road to Economic Recovery, Stressing Education, Energy and Health Care


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Soros sees no bottom for world financial collapse

Now I know for a fact we're being lied to. I wouldn't trust anything this guy says.
You can probably assume it's the exact opposite.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The White House - Press Office - Executive Order: Establishment of the White House Office of Urban Affairs

So Obama is simply doing what he knows. He's declared himself to be nothing more than a NATIONAL COMMUNITY ORGANIZER.
... "Section 1.  Policy.  About 80 percent of Americans live in urban areas, and the economic health and social vitality of our urban communities are critically important to the prosperity and quality of life for Americans."
to provide leadership for and coordinate the development of the policy agenda for urban America across executive departments and agencies;

 (b)  to coordinate all aspects of urban policy;


Apparently the rest of the county can pound sand.  Thank God.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

American Thinker: The Law Liberals Always Break

I already think like that. I just wish I could write like that.
"Liberalism's failure is universal because liberalism embraces
 a false view of human nature as perfectible, if only the right
 political arrangements exist."

Friday, February 13, 2009

A thought on the 'Fairness Doctrine'

Memo to Bill Clinton, et al:
I've about had it with hearing you people whine about the 'Fairness Doctrine'.  It's sickingly amusing to hear Clinton saying, " know, Rush Limbaugh is fairly entertaining even when he is saying things that I think are ridiculous...."
Well look who's calling the kettle black.
You mess with my AM radio and we're gonna have words.

Henrietta et al are the people the Joe the Plumbers will be 'spreading their wealth' to

Henrietta Hughes, et al, are the people the Joe the Plumbers will be 'spreading their wealth' to.
A few years ago my sister (not a rich person by any means) took in a homeless family off the side of the road (central Florida).
A man, wife, three kids (white folks, not that it's important to the story). Took them home, cleaned them up, fed and housed them for weeks. Over 2 or 3 months she took them out, got them clothes. Found them both a job, a place to rent and got the kids in school. She checked on them daily then weekly for a couple of months.
Next thing she knew they had rented a TV and some nicer furniture. Then the wife lost her job. So he quit. Said he wasn't working if she wasn't.
She saw them on the side of the road not long after.
Alas, my sister learned a valuable lesson.
Parable, The Lesson of the Butterfly:  You cannot help the butterfly by opening the cocoon for him.
By giving Henrietta a house she has learned nothing, except that begging works.
And that example will spread across the nation: Begging works.
My Dad (who grew up in the Great Depression) always says 'If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.'
Now it's true!!
Welcome to the Socialization of the Obamanation of Amerika...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pork, pork, pork, pork, pork, ...

SuuuEEEE!! SuuuEEEE!  Whar's 'em pigs...
Pelosi says she didn't do it?  Ya.  And golf carts. We need Federal golf carts???
Yeah, Reid needs that train to get gamblers from LA to Las Vegas faster!
Obama Claims Stimulus Pork-Free, AP Disagrees
AOL News Newsbloggers, VA - Feb 10, 2009
But when the bill is designed to spend money, you don't use or need earmarks to get your pork on. It's the very nature of the package. ...
Video: Stimulus Compromise Reached CBS
All stimulus politics is local Politico
google news commentComment by Allan J. Lichtman Professor of History, American University
Hot Air
all 14,949 news articles »
History Says Obama's Stimulus Won't Work
FOXNews - Feb 11, 2009
Because he says it's a spending bill, "It's not pork, there are no earmarks in this." Well — I mean, if you put the pork in, you know, and nobody is saying, ...
President Obama's Earmark Amnesia
FOXNews - Feb 11, 2009
Let me guess, it depends on the definition of earmark? Press secretary Robert Gibbs continued the administration's offensive for the pork bill, ...
Learning Obama's New Language
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Handful of Firms Benefit in Senate Bill
Wall Street Journal - Feb 10, 2009
By CAM SIMPSON and BRODY MULLINS WASHINGTON -- The stimulus package the Senate approved Tuesday may technically be free of "earmarks," but it nonetheless ...
Jack Colwell: Pork in the Eye of the Beholder
Howey Politics Indiana, IN - 2 hours ago
Members of both parties like pork and denounce pork. They earmark it and like it when it's for their projects and denounce it when it's instead for the ...
Recession give Democrats excuse to load the pork barrel - Feb 10, 2009
At least one pork-laden project was removed from the stimulus package when someone let it be known that money was being allotted for a water park. ...
AP, please define "pork" Media Matters for America
Obama's 'change'is same old pork The Tennessean
all 3 news articles »
Obama is headed for a one-term presidency
Washington Examiner, DC - 12 hours ago
It is doubtful Obama will ever say anything more damaging to his credibility than his claim "there are no earmarks" in the stimulus bill. ...
Obama vows close scrutiny of stimulus spending
Indianapolis Star, United States - 10 hours ago
Obama has touted the fact that the bill does not include traditional earmarks, funding for specific, local projects that are inserted into spending bills by ...

Dakota Voice
US Senate passes $838 billion economic package
Tulsa World, OK - Feb 10, 2009
Despite claims to the contrary from Democrats, including President Obama, Coburn insists the bill is loaded with "earmarks." He also warns the bill would ...
all 11 news articles »

Obama ratchets up the rhetoric on stimulus plan
The Associated Press - Feb 6, 2009
He's also defended earmarks as inevitable in such a package. And he's pointedly reminded Republicans about who won the November election. ...
Video: Obama Talks Up Stimulus in Weekly Address AssociatedPress
Stimulus plan better late than never…maybe Fulton Valley News (subscription)
google news commentComment by Adam S. Posen Dep. Dir., Peterson Institute for Int'l Economics
The Union Leader
all 8,946 news articles »

Monday, February 09, 2009

SC Governor: We're moving close to 'a savior-based economy'

A voice of reason in a din of insanity.

CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive -


Railing Against the Rich: A Great American Tradition


Efforts to limit pay of the wealthiest gained traction in the 1930s; 'economic royalists'


Washington Times - 'Doom' talk scored as 'not presidential'

Washington Times - 'Doom' talk scored as 'not presidential'


Saturday, February 07, 2009

Make Congress Give Us A Stimulus Plan that Works!

I just signed a national grassroots-led petition opposing the
Obama/Congress trillion-dollar spending bill. This approach has
failed horribly in the past, and will most certainly cripple the
generations that follow.

Please join me and Grassfire by signing their national
petition opposing the Obama/Congress ever-inflating $1 trillion
government spending plan. When scrutinized this plan more
closely resembles a huge pork-barrel spending spree that will not
stimulate the economy, but rather bury the next generation of
taxpayers in a sea of debt!

In addition to opposing this spending plan, I'm urging the
President and Congress to embrace a proven method to jump-
start our economy--by cutting taxes and putting the "stimulus"
into the hands of taxpayers!

Click here to add your name to the petition:



Friday, February 06, 2009

One Giant Step Toward Socialism

I'm just watching in wonder as our country slides into the abyss. 



STIMULUS DEAL REACHED? $780,000,000,000.00 


Well praise the Lord and pass the pork. The POTUS and his Congressional band of limo liberals have saved the day. What would we do without them? Why, our country was practically on the verge of total meltdown. The lights were about to go off and our cars almost quit working.




The United States Unemployment Rate 


The United States Misery Index. The US Misery Index. Misery Index = Unemployment rate + Inflation rate.



Recessions come and go. It has always been so. Instead of spending a dime, POTUS could walk out into the Rose Garden, stand on one foot, spin around three times and spit in a southerly direction and the recession will STILL abate in 3 to 6 months. This spending boondoggle is an absolute travesty. I HOPE you realize that the CHANGE you sought has sold out our FUTURE for generations.    




Thursday, February 05, 2009

Glenn Beck: What Would 'Sully' Do?

Hear! Hear! Glenn is spot on. - What Would 'Sully' Do? - Glenn Beck,2933,487505,00.html


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Global Warming: Why Can't the Mainstream Press Get Even Basic Facts Right?

More factoids rebutted with FACTS...

Monday, February 02, 2009

Gore: Stark raving bonkers

Hear! Hear!, Joseph!  It's time some people in Washington ran this guy out on a rail.