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There is No Oil Shortage

 There is No Oil Shortage   6/20/08

Did you know that the US has more oil deposits than all of the OPEC counties COMBINED. There is no shortage of oil. In fact there are more known oil reserves in the world today than there were 30 years ago!(1)

What there is, is a shortage of two things: Functioning brain matter in Washington, D.C. and oil refining capacity.

Even if those pea-brains in Congress could manage to utter their "ayes" in unison toward opening drilling within our boundaries and turn on our own oil spigot, there's not enough refining capacity to process it. Existing refineries are running at near 95% of capacity. We even have to import some refined gasoline. We can't even process all the oil we need to meet our gas needs.

We need more refineries. The first new refinery to be built in 32 years was just announced in South Dakota just this month. That's a step in the right direction but we need more, asap.

While it's a wonderful Utopian mental image of running the country on flower power (corn) and gentle breezes, the reality is for the next few decades the wheels world-wide are going to continue to run on oil. Oil rules. Get over it.

Despite what you may have been told, today the US is the 3rd-largest oil producer in the world. That's right, we're #3 (2). And we've been operating with one hand tied behind our backs for 30 years, thanks to the tree huggers and other environmental lobbies! The days of sitting on our hands to appease a few campers is over. (Thankfully oil extraction today is much more environmentally safe and technologically advanced than 30 years ago. Oil companies work hard to get at the oil with a minimum of affect to the environment. And they're much better at it than they used to be.)

What about conservation you say. Well that's fine. Go ahead. Conserve. Turn your car off. Turn off your AC and open your windows and, as the UN has suggested, throw away your electric toothbrush and go back to a stick and a rag to clean your teeth.

Not for me. I refuse to accept the notion that my lifestyle has to suffer or diminish to save the planet. What utter nonsense.

First, you cannot cut back, withdraw, reduce or avoid your way to success. Just as you cannot save yourself rich, conserving energy is but a drop in the bucket. Besides, where do you draw the line? How much do you want to conserve? What if you completely shut down all energy-using resources in your home and car. Just dead stopped everything. What would it affect? (aside from the fact that your house would be very dark at night). Absolutely nothing. Because the guy next door (i.e., me, or... India or China) isn't going to do that. So while you're sitting in the dark the rest of the world moves along and doesn't even miss you.

Secondly, all the talk about alternative energy resources is fine. But I've been hearing about alternative energy resources all my
life (I'm 55) and it has come to what? Production of about 12 electric cars and a few solar panels. Big whoop. But even if we did go full steam ahead (pardon the mixed metaphor) on building, say solar collectors or windmills for creating electricity, what does that have to do with cars and gasoline and, well actually getting from Point A to Point B? I've never ridden anywhere on a windmill, have you?

So there's a few more hybrid cars showing up now. They don't really conserve energy, they have simply shifted a lot of the energy usage from the consumer end back to the production end. That is, an electric car requires more energy to build than it saves (make a note: car factories don't run on flower power, either). But the happy owner is oblivious because he's passing gas stations and feeling really good, if not a little superior, about his 'smart' decision. But what have we accomplished? If we ALL switched to electric cars today (an impossibility because, like I said there's only about 12 of them so far), the grid would short out trying to recharge these beasts nightly! All we would have accomplished is shifting our resource requirements from one type of energy (oil) to another (primarily coal and nuclear).

It's going to take several types of alternate energy methods to replace oil. And we're starting to reach a point where several of
these types are being seriously developed. That's good news. But we'll still need more oil and more nuclear power to run the country and the world today, while these new fledgling energy alternatives get a chance to grow and start making a difference. But even if we were to reach a point where we were 100% self-sustaining with 100% non-petroleum energy, we would STILL need to keep sucking the oil out to sell to the rest of the developing world. Maybe for once we could offset our trade deficit!

The bottom line is, we have to Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less. ( Contact your Senators and Representative and tell them to get off the dime and get to drilling, building refineries and new nuclear plants.

Oh, and tell your Senator to knock off this silly talk of Cap and Trade. They should definitely drink only bottled water while they're in D.C. We let Congress mess with our clocks twice a year and it has only empowered them to think they can legislate the climate! Man Made Global Warming is a hoax. Even if the planet's climate is changing naturally, there's not a thing we can do about it. Look on the bright side; we'll have to buy less heating oil.

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