Sunday, November 02, 2008


11/01/08  Did you see this in today's headlines?
Now why do you suppose NObama needs a 'National Security Force'?  Who does he need to control?  Hmmm? 
Has he been taking lessons from Hugo Chavez?  Castro?  Putin?
As if the City, County, State Police, FBI, ATF, INS, US Border Patrol, US Marshalls, NSA, CIA are not enough?
This man is dangerous. He's a closet radical with an agenda. His dark past is mostly hidden.
Do not fall for his warm fuzzy talk of 'hope' and 'change'. That's what Castro and Chavez promised.
You better believe he wants to change your world. 
But you aren't going to like it.
Read Joseph Farah's Editorial:
About that 'civilian national security force'

Posted: September 08, 2008

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