Monday, October 27, 2008

A reply to a reply

I got this reply from a cousin that I included in my email "Subject: 2001 OBAMA: 'TRAGEDY' THAT 'REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH' NOT PURSUED"

Thought you might like to see my reply.

Your thoughts?



"I didn't know you were one of the wealthy ones that wants 4 more years of the same. Ruth"

Hi Ruth,

No I'm not rich, but I don't begrudge the rich, either. What I don't want to see is America move into outright socialism. Socialism is not what built this country. Socialism is not what made it great. It was built on freedom. Freedom to pursue unbridled opportunity. Freedom to unlock your potential and achieve your dreams. I don't think government should be stepping in to define what my dreams should be, or to take what they deem to be my "excess" to redistribute to those they deem more deserving.

"The United States of America — five percent of the world's population — leads the world economically, militarily, scientifically, and culturally — and by a spectacular margin. Any one of these achievements, taken alone, would be cause for enormous pride. To dominate as we do in all four arenas has no historical precedent. That we have achieved so much in so many areas is due — due entirely — to the structure of our society as outlined in the Constitution of the United States. -- National Review Online: Shame, Cubed"

Wealth is not a finite thing like a pie that must be shared or spread around. Rich people did not make poor people poor. I was born and raised in a house with no indoor bathroom. Today I own 7 bathrooms. I was the second (my brother being the first) in my entire ancestry that I know of to attend college. I've traveled to many parts of the country and a few places outside the country. Who did I make poor by working for and achieving my dreams? What has my success got to do with anyone else? By accumulating wealth, did I take it away from someone else?

This is, in real life, the classic tales unfolding like the Ant and the Grasshopper and the Little Red Hen. Any child can read these stories and understand that it's not right for the farmer to force the Hen share her bread after all the other animals refused to help her produce it. It's not right for the government to force the Ant to share his savings when the grasshopper sat around all summer playing.

Yes, we need to pay taxes (although did you know that 40% of Americans pay NO Federal income tax?). Yes, we need to help those in real need, the aged and disabled. But too many people are climbing on that bandwagon that shouldn't be there. Government can't fix everything for everyone. That's not their job.

There's one more story that comes to mind of the little boy who wanted to help a butterfly who was struggling to hatch. So he opened the cocoon to let him out and it crippled the butterfly. His father explained that the butterfly needed to struggle out of the cocoon on his own because the process made him stronger. By opening it for him, the butterfly never got to exercise his wings.

I don't have any great love for Bush. He's rarely seen a spending bill he didn't like. He's been as big a spender on social issues as any Democrat ever has before. I also have not been a big fan of McCain's. But I believe he's at least more inclined to support the Constitution than to try dismantle it in the name of "economic justice" through "redistribution of wealth". (I'm more voting against Obama than for McCain).

Obama has a dark, hidden past that the media has been reluctant to dig into, for whatever reasons. But slowly, maybe too slowly, bits and pieces are coming into the light. He is not what he appears to be. He's well spoken, and has a warm reassuring voice. But his real goals remain mostly hidden and I think the "change" he talks about is not the real change he has in mind.

I have watched government welfare try to open the cocoon for too many people. It has crippled their motivation to 'exercise their own wings'. I think one of the most dangerous statements you can ever hear is "I'm from the government and I'm here to help."

Best to you,

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