Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Obama & Michigan


Kelly S. Eustis here, I'm the e-Campaign Coordinator for the Our Country Deserves Better Committee (a registered federal political action committee formed to defeat Obama's presidential campaign).

Our anti-Obama PAC has realigned our priorities in order that we can rush into Michigan and take the gloves off against Obama in the wake of the McCain campaign's decision to abandon the state.  We will be launching a statewide TV blitz to counter Obama and conduct a tour of the state with rallies in NINE (9) Michigan cities.

To that end we're conducting a 48-hour web-a-thon, "A Day Without Michigan" to raise funds for our $500,000+ "Stop Obama" TV advertising campaign in the Great Lake State.

Would you be willing to post a blog entry with a link to our "A Day Without Michigan" web-a-thon page (or if you prefer another movie takeoff, we also refer to this as "M.I. 17 -- This Mission's Not Impossible... yes we know what you might be thinking, but you try not to have your mind fly off into the creative realms of being "too cute" when you've gone with less than 3-hours sleep the last few nights).  Here's the link to our "Save Michigan" web-a-thon page:

If we don't mount a campaign to defeat Obama in Michigan, then the state will basically will not exist in the 2008 election campaign.

The 17 electoral votes will be lost to Obama/Biden.  Down-ballot races of candidates sympathetic to McCain will lose.  And Obama will be able to take money he had intended for Michigan and put it into other swing states such as Nevada, Virginia, Florida, Ohio and Missouri.

We're asking for pro-McCain/Palin and anti-Obama/Biden bloggers to help us spread the word. 

You can see the press coverage we've started to receive for this effort here:

Here are the TV ads we will begin our Michigan launch with.  We're also going to  produce a Michigan-specific ad that points out that Obama does not represent change for Michigan -- his policies would be no different than the failed tax-and-spend liberal policies of the state's Democratic Governor, Jennifer Granholm. 

You can click on each image below to view the ads:



Thanks for reading this, and thank you in advance to those of you who can help.  Like you, our hearts and souls have been poured into this election.  We believe that the United States of America deserves better than a leader who always sees things as being "wrong" about America.  We believe that as the leader of the Free World we need a Commander in Chief who supports American exceptionalism.  And we believe that the last thing our country needs right now is a tax-and-spend, Big Brother-regulating liberal at a time when we must encourage free enterprise, entrepreneurism, and innovation.



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