Sunday, October 12, 2008

More Than 100 Reasons to Vote Against Obama

It's not like I need 100 reasons. I only need one. And no it's not because he's black (well half black anyway. Well actually he's not even half black, but that's another story).

No, it's because I don't like that man's ideology. This country wasn't built on socialism. This guy has been more vocal and has more openly touted a Marxist philosophy (albeit with a little window dressing to disguise it) than any Democrat candidate I've ever heard before.

You people that have swallowed his tripe about 'Hope, Change and the Future' will find out that he's a wolf in sheep's clothing. He is not what he pretends to be. If he were honest about his real agenda, even you wouldn't vote for him.

So in case a little solid reasoning is necessary to try to open your eyes, here's a few reasons to not vote for NObama.

More Than 100 Reasons to Vote Against Obama

(You see, you didn't know he smokes, did you? What else is he not telling you?)

(ref: THE TELEPROMPTER PRESIDENT: Barack Obama - The Teleprompter Candidate for President of the USA: More Than 100 Reasons to Vote Against Obama.htm)


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