Saturday, October 25, 2008

Investor's Business Daily: The Audacity of Socialism

Investor's Business Daily has an 18 part series you should read before the election.  It even has free audio on each section so you can listen to it.
It's 18 more examples explaining why we should shun NObama's socialist/Marxist ideaology.
Click the title:
Why NObama? Space does not allow. In short: socialism bad. more socialism more bad. Redistribution of wealth = socialism. (rem: socialism bad). Higher taxes means fewer jobs. Who do you think hires people? The poor? This is the Land of Opportunity not the land of a 'right' to have everything free from cradle to grave. socialism leads to communism every time it's tried. Read history. Why does history repeat? Because people keep falling for the warm fuzzy platitudes of socialists. socialism bad.

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