Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Science of Global Warming in Perspective

Spend a few minutes reading this site and the external links, and if you still believe al gore you should seriously consider checking yourself into a mental health clinic.
The math doesn't lie.  Science doesn't lie.  Only humans do.  Humans with a financial or political agenda at stake. Always follow the money.

"The claim that carbon dioxide is the cause of global warming is so absurd that no amount of lying fixes the numbers. CO2 only causes 0.03°C increase in temperature of the atmosphere." [That's ALL CO2, not just the miniscule amount humans introduce]

"Humans add 3% of the CO2 to the atmosphere, while nature adds 97%. To claim the human addition accumulates to 30%, while the nature addition does not is absurd."

"The public has a responsibility in determining whether social realities are based on rationality or fraud. There are highly visible differences. Rationality doesn't look anything like fraud. Rationality includes explanations and evidence. Fraud is forced down peoples' throats without explanations or evidence based on a fake consensus, which is nothing but mob rule."

"CO2 cap-and-trade schemes were exposed by a recent CBO (Congressional Budget Office) study as creating massive wealth redistribution from the poor and working class to wealthier Americans. Further, according to a MIT study released earlier this year, cap-and-trade legislation introduced earlier in the Senate this year by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Senator Boxer (D-CA) would cost energy sector consumers an amount equal to $4,500 per American family of four. The same study found a bill sponsored by Senator Lieberman and Senator McCain (R-AZ) would cost consumers $3,500 per family of four. And a new EPA analysis shows the Lieberman - McCain bill would cost up to half a trillion dollars by 2030 and $1.3 trillion by 2050 - and that was based on assumptions designed to low-ball the number, begging the question of how high the real figure would be."


Congress, both Democrats and some Republicans are actively trying to implement this ridiculous cap-and-trade scheme. The time is now to call and/or write your representatives to tell them to knock it off. One call will not be enough. Call daily or at least weekly. Get your circle of influence to join in. We must stop this insanity before it comes to pass.

Find your representatives contact information here



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