Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bill Press: John McCain Plays the Race Card

There ya go, Bill! Here come da race card! Here come da race card!

Granted, McCain's ad was a cheesy shot at Obama's 'All show and no go' celeb status, of the calibur of empty-headed 'STARS'. No defense there.

But racist? C'mon, Bill. That's a stretch.

But, you see, Obama has laid out the marching orders to his minions by preemptively declaring that 'Breir Rabbit gonna throw me in da briar patch'. They're going to play the Race Card on me! And so here they come. Every nuance of every statement or ad that could conceivably (or inconcievably) be construed as racist will be shouted from the rooftops by his many trumpeters.

Stay tuned, kiddies. It's gonna get funner and funner.

I will state in every post I make on the topic that, Mr. Obama, this is not about race. Don't take it so personally. I really don't give tinker's a damn about your race. It is YOU that has been playing the race card, like a fiddle.

What this is, is about your socialist ideals, your wrong-headed notions about the fight against terrorism by nutcase Islamic extremists and your 'same as usual' Democrat Party ideas on how to bring this free economy down to the level of Europe's socialism. It is about your hidden disgust for the Second Amendment, claiming you support it for 'hunters and sportsmen'. That offends me. That tells me you either don't understand or don't care what the Constitution says. And that bothers me.

Enjoy your fleeting celebrity. Come election time the people of this country will tell you who is right.

Bill Press: John McCain Plays the Race Card


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