Saturday, June 28, 2008

What Can Conservatives Do Now?

I share the frustration of Bill in Stuart, Florida. You write letters and make phone calls and the only response is a form letter so benign that you can't tell the topic. I wrote my Senator on two different topics and got back the identical form letter from each. Why bother?

The Republican Party is a brand name that does not promote the Conservative values that built this country. It does not embrace the Conservatism that is needed to ensure Individual Freedom and Liberty.

Politicians on all sides have come to believe that it is their job to "help" you through every aspect of your life, when actually most of us would be a lot better off if government would simply get out of our face and let us live our lives.

All laws do one of two things: They either require you to do something, or they prohibit you from doing it. Either way, it's force. Obviously some laws are necessary to keep order in a society, especially since there's so many stupid people without a lick of common sense that we all have to deal with.

But it's all too easy to overstep and start to want to control every aspect of our daily lives from the time we get up to until we go to bed. From the cradle to the grave. It will all be ok if we would just let them take care of all of us so they than control the outcome, as well as our interaction along the way.

"Don't tread on me"

Sorry, life in a free society doesn't work that way. Freedom is messy.

Liberty means risk.

I was born into Freedom. It's sad to see it being destroyed by Socialism.

What Can Conservatives Do Now?


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