Friday, June 06, 2008

U.N. climate tips: Drive less, ditch electric toothbrush

What idiots.  This from people who are from countries that
don't have electricity.  It would be laughable if there weren't
so many of our own idiots in Congress who buy this Global
Warming crap.
The U.N. probably used more resources creating and printing
their stupid report than a million electric toothbrushes use
in a year.
Memo to the U.N.: We are not going to lower or reduce our
lifestyle down to your level.  Get over it.
The way I see it, what with all of the billions upon billions
of our tax dollars we've sent overseas to these flea-infested
wormholes in the name of Foreign Aid, we've defacto purchased
enough "Carbon Credits" to last us all for the next 100 years,
electric toothbrushes and all!

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