Sunday, June 22, 2008

Obama says Republicans will use race to stoke fear

Hoooey. Look who's calling the Kettle Black.  I hope Obama's RACE
for the White House doesn't cause him to completely forget that his
RACE isn't really the issue in this RACE.  In fact, since he's a man
with a heritage from the white RACE as well as the black RACE, the
RACE issue should pretty much balance itself out.  I don't believe
anyone except Obama himself has been telling RACE stories or
making references to his RACE. Yet he tells us now after watching
him in the Primary RACE that Republicans are now going to start
making RACE an issue.  So come on, Mr. Obama, let's get on
with the issues. We won't bring up the RACE issue if you'll only
stop reminding us of your RACE in every speech.  However,
as this RACE progresses if you insist on making RACE an issue,
don't be surprised if someone notices that you seem to have
a whole deck of RACE cards up your sleeve.
Actually I'm terrified of you, but in a sort of Martin Luther King way: The content of your character, not the color of your skin.

It's your idealogy that bothers me. Your ideas... oh wait, I haven't heard any ideas yet. But I'll bet I'll be afraid of them when (if) you finally do tell us what great 'changes' you have in store for us.

Enjoy your moment in the spotlight, Barry. Come election time you're going to be just a blip on the charts.

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