Thursday, May 15, 2008

Help Stop The New Al Gore Tax!

Al Gore is at it again.  In the 90's he was instrumental in implementing the telephone Universal Service charge (aka Gore Phone Tax), a tax on your phones to pay for the "have nots" to have free internet service in rural areas.  It's become a multibillion dollar slush fund and even though 99% of the country has access to the internet now, the tax will never go away from your phone bill. Count on it.
And now he's promoting a Carbon Tax.  As usual, follow the money.  He stands to enrich himself immensely if this scheme takes hold.  And it looks like it will, given what the Democrats and McCain have said about supporting the fight against so-called Man-made global warming.  Congress has already spent billions of dollars on "fighting climate change".  (who's passing out the Kool-aid in Washington?).
Sheesh.  We let them screw with our clocks twice a year and it has only emboldened them to think they can control the entire planet's climate!
Please take a look at the page below and I hope you will sign the petition. But don't stop there.  Call your Congressman and Senators and voice your opposition to this nonsense.  Not just once but often, and get your associates to do so too!  Write letters, send email, call them.  We need to bombard them with our opposition nation-wide or we're going to be forever saddled with a Carbon Tax.  Ted Nugent says, "if your Congressman doesn't know your name you're not doing your part."  I agree!
Man-made global warming is an unproven and highly contradicted theory.  That's all it is, a theory, based on computer models.  For the government to implement a tax on everything from breathing to driving your car and heating and cooling your house is completely unwarranted.
Let your voice join the choir!   
Please sign the petition!

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