Saturday, April 05, 2008

Ted Turner's Countdown to Cannibalism

Another 'World ends' doomsday countdown clock.  This one's from Glenn Beck per Ted Turner's rant.
Isn't there anybody that can get poor Ted back on his meds?
Boortz had a little math fun showing how UNcrowded our planet really is.  I filled in the math.
Neal Boortz did this math problem, refuting Ted Turner's absurd notion that the planet is too crowded.
All of the people on Earth could easily fit into one county, Duval County, Florida.
Duval County, Florida Land area: 774 sq. mi.
Answer: 774 miĀ² = 495,360 acres
Two 80 story buildings per acre = 990,702 80 story buildings
990,702 * 80 stories = 79,257,600 floors
85 people per floor = 6,736,696,000 people.  (approx 34 families @ 2.5 per./family)
Earth's population: 6,661,083,390 (as of 4/05/08 2:30pm EDT)


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