Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Cap and Trade (ACSA) is a Farce

Senate's 'historic vote on global warming' set for Wednesday...


Cap and Trade (ACSA) is a Farce   


It's a travesty that the folks in government think they're so omnipotent that they can affect the climate of the planet through legislation. It's our own fault I guess. We let them play with the time twice a year and that has only served to encourage them.


Of course the government should promote efficient use of resources, provide incentives to expand alternative sources of energy and regulate as needed to reduce pollution as much as possible, within reason. But please, for the love of God, do not confuse those topics with global climate change.


Note to Congress: If you were serious about eliminating greenhouse gasses you'd declare CO2 a drug and run it through the FDA. Start with Al Gore's exhaust.


Instead you're on the verge of starting one of the biggest socialist power grab boondoggles in human history. This ridiculous cap and trade nonsense is nothing more than a ploy to redistribute wealth, to punish the producers and to aid our economic and strategic enemies around the world.


Don't buy the government lie that cap and trade regulations won't cost you, as Senator Dole states on her web site. Who do you think is going to pay for any increases a company must bear when it exceeds its cap and must buy credits from other companies (or countries)?  You, of course.  All costs, whether it's taxes, regulation or CO2 caps are passed on to the consumer. That's the nature of business.  Profit is what's left after ALL expenses have been applied. No company can exist for long without some profit. So any increase in costs due to government meddling must be passed on to the user of the company's products or services.


Simple common sense prevents me from buying into this absolute nonsense theory of man-made global warming. It's so full of holes you could drive a diesel through it.  Legitimate science is not established by "consensus".  Many thousands of credible scientists from around the world have spoken out against this blatant hoax.


Keep an eye on this cap and trade scheme, my friends.  Follow the money.  See who really benefits over the next decade.  You can safely bet it's not your grandchildren.




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