Monday, November 12, 2007

Bumper sticker: Got Gas? Thank an OIL COMPANY!

We've rented a Mercury Grand Marquis for the trip to Houston next week for Thanksgiving with the family.
I want a bumper sticker:
 "Changing the Environment... One Gallon at a Time"
 "Helping to cleanse the environment of oil so we can move on to other things"
 "Doing my part to warm the world"
 "$3 a gallon? Fine, bring it on. It's better than Carter's gas lines of the 70's!"
 "Try putting a lump of coal in your tank!"
 "Got Gas?  Thank an OIL COMPANY!"
Can't wait till Hillary's in office. She wants to tax the profits of the oil companies. 
Guess who the oil companies going to pass that cost to?  YOU! 
Meaning?  Gas prices will go even higher with a tax-happy democrat in the Oval Office.
Won't that be fun.
Kiddies, Bush doesn't set gas prices. Neither do the oil companies. OPEC does.  It's the law of supply and demand. As China and India and others start bidding up the price of oil you can look for prices to go even higher.  The free ride may be over. In a year $3 a gallon might look pretty good.  That's a scary thought.

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