Friday, October 05, 2007

Memo to Mediamatters: Stop the Lies!

Some of you are old enough to remember comedian Gilda Radner on Saturday Night Live. Remember this?
"Whats all this fuss I keep hearing about violins on television? Now why don't parents want their children to see violins on television? Why, I thought the Leonard Burnstein concerts were just lovely. Now, if they only show the violins after 11:00 at night, the little babies will all be asleep. And they wont learn any music appreciation. Why, they'll end up wanting to play guitar, and bongo drums. And go to Africa and join these rock and roll outfits. And they wont drink milk! (Slams fist pn desk.) I say there should be more violins on television! (Chevy taps her on the shoulder.) and less game shows! Its terrible! the way they...what, what?!

Chevy: Miss. Litella, that was violence on television. Not violins. Violence.

Emily: Oh, well thats different.

Chevy: Yes.

Emily smiling: Nevermind."
Could Mediamatters and its diciples be having an Emily Litella moment?  Hardly. The recent concerted 'violins on television' attack on Rush Limbaugh for his two word remark of "phony soldiers" during a conversation with a caller is such a pathetic attempt to discredit him it is laughable.  And they keep it going, relentlessly.  Now the partisan hack politicians like Reid, Harkin, Kerry, Edwards (or his wife, who fights many of his battles for him) and others have piled on, some even on the Senate floor.  They think they see a crack in Rush's armor and they're throwing everything they have at it.  No, it's not an innocent Emily Litella moment.  Unlike poor Emily, they know full well it's all a lie. 
They have intentionally lied and twisted the context of Rush's remark in order to try to make a false case that Rush called all soldiers who disagree with the Iraq policy as being phony soldiers.  Of course this is is an obvious lie.  Anyone who knows Rush knows he has never denigrated our soldiers.
Rush was clearly referring to phony soldiers like Jessa MacBeth, who falsely claimed he was a decorated war-hardened soldier who witnessed and took part in numerous murderous atrocities, when in fact he never even went to Iraq and actually washed out of Basic Training after 44 days.  There are numerous other 'phony soldiers' stories surfacing, such as the piece ABC news did just two days before Rush's comment.
Why do to the partisans behind Mediamatters think they can pull this off?  Because they know there is a lrage part of the populace who don't really get into the details of a story.  They know that many people just look at headlines and listen to sound bites.  They don't have to be true, just short.  No doubt this false story will go on for weeks and months, regurgitated by the left's kook base, which apparently includes the Democrat's top leaders in the Senate.
Make no mistake. Their mission is not to stand up for the soldiers. They couldn't care less about the soldiers in Iraq.  This is all about discrediting Rush Limbaugh who they obviously see as one of their biggest obstacles in keeping the 'dumbed down' public, well, dumbed down.  The sole purpose of this effort, pure and simple, is to get him off the air, both here in America, and especially on Armed Forces Radio.  As Rush says, they cannot compete in the arena of ideas, so they must attack on personal politics in order to have any chance of getting and holding a foothold on the power they so badly want.

September 30, 2007 ABC Reported on 'Phony Heroes' Two Days Before Rush Limbaugh Did
May 25, 2007 FBI on the Lookout for Phony Heroes This Memorial Day Weekend


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