Friday, October 19, 2007

Comment on Rush and phony soldiers

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Ignorance or stupidity? You decide.
The left continue to harp about the context of Rush's 'phony soldier' remark, including trying to obfuscate the situation even further by allluding to some mystery about the edited 1 minute 35 seconds from the transcript.
What a hoot.

The fact is, IN CONTEXT, Rush Limbaugh had already recorded his daily 2 minute Morning Update monolog the previous evening regarding 'phony soldiers', specifically about Jesse MacBeth.
Rush 24/7 members received this video Podcast hours before the 'phony soldier' remark during his radio show.

The 'mysterious' 1 minute 35 second edit that the leftists conveniently leave out the details of, consisted of the caller, a soldier, trying to change the subject away from phony soldiers to missing WMDs. Rush politely dismissed that, ended the call and then immediately went back to discuss the MacBeth story.

If you watched Rush live on the webcam, you could see he already had the paper regarding MacBeth in his hands during the call, WHICH IS WHY HE BROUGHT THE SUBJECT UP DURING THE CALL. It was the perfect lead-in to the MacBeth story he was about to talk about.

Rush's whole point was how the drive-by media rallies around anyone who pops up who recounts any bizarre story they come up with, until it's discovered they are making it up. There have been several in addition to MacBeth.  ABC News did a story on phony soldiers (Operation Stolen Valor)  just two days before Rush's remark.

THAT was the point Rush was making and THAT is what the left's smoke and mirrors is trying to get you to look away from.
This was NEVER about soldiers who disagree with the war or U.S. policy.
The left can't compete on thruth.  They can't win on ideas.  In order to win you over they must lie, deceive and try to discredit their opposition. But the Eyes of the Internet are on them.

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