Saturday, September 08, 2007

Edwards Proposing Anti-Terrorism Agency

John Edwards is a certifiable nutcase.  He should be medicated, straight-jacketed and hauled away.
From his proposed mandatory doctor checkups for every American (that'll be me in line right behind Bill Gates and just ahead of Rush Limbaugh. Ya right.)  to this latest proposal for yet another Global Big Brother bureaucratic boondoggle (like we need yet another faction of a U.N.), his crazy ideas seem to spew unrelentingly.
And then I thought about it and I think I hit on why he's doing this. 
This is his version of Dean's scary yeeeowwwl! war cry to get the focus off the real candidate. Hillary. 
The more wild and crazy clucking noises Edwards makes right now, the saner and more common sense it makes Hillary look.  That's the plan!  Everyone will be so weary of his crazy notions they will gladly see Hillary as the normal one, with her far more central message.
It won't work, John.  Nice try, but we're on to you now.

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