Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Edwards backs mandatory preventive care

Line 'em up and check 'em for lice! 
Edwards' plan for mandatory preventive care is the rantings of a mad man.  Forced checkups?  Who the hell is he to decide who does and doesn't see a doctor, and when?

Edwards backs mandatory preventive care

Control freaks, all of them.  God how I HATE control freaks.

'We would all be fine if you'd all just do it my way.'

I've been dealing with government-mandated Medicare for years and I tell you the worst possible thing that cound ever happen is for the system to be expanded even further than it already has been.  There's no one in the entire system you can talk to that can tell time without a digital watch.  It takes 30-45 minutes on hold just to get through to the first level, who couldn't help you solve a problem on their best day.

Edwards, you are an idiot.  I'd love to tell you so to your face.  I'm in the book. Look me up.




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