Tuesday, May 22, 2007

YouTube - NBC's "Today" attacks Limbaugh's parody of Barack the Magic Negro song

NBC really shows its (left) hand with this piece. This is the kind of pathetic attack the left media does to try to discredit the giant of talk radio, Rush Limbaugh, implying or outright saying he's a racist.  If you think you understand the real story from this video you are either woefully uninformed or just plain stupid.
If you saw this song as a skit on an episode of Saturday Night Live or The Daily Show, you'd all be laughing your asses off.  It's political satire, people.  Instead you show this silly mock horror and keep asking the question 'Is Rush getting a pass?' hoping it will fan a 'racist' fire in the press. 
Not that he needs to, but Rush has fully explained the genesis of this parody song.  The full chronicle of this story is on Rush's web site for you to read for yourself, including all of the links to the liberal media articles that were used to make the lyrics of the song.
The song is not attacking Obama.  It is satirizing the racist statements that were made about Obama by liberals in the liberal media.  Rush points out that it's the left who are obsessed with Obama's "blackness". It is the left who are worried about the color of his skin, not Rush Limbaugh.  Rush is throwing it back in their faces that they are the ones who are being racist by questioning whether Obama is 'black enough' and bringing up his slave-owning ancestry, etc.  It's not the right, or conservatives who are doing this.  It's the liberal media who are attacking one of 'their own' because he doesn't fit their liberal black stereotype.  He's not their boy, and they are trying to embarrass him and knock him out of the running so as not to obstruct their Anointed One, Hillary.
Rush called them on it and now they're all red-faced and trying desperately to shift the blame onto Rush.  So now, after two months, the Big Boys are piling on.  They think they smell blood.  But they're a little late coming into in the game, which really shows how much they don't really have a clue.  I find it amusing to watch them try.  This passes for news at NBC?  How sad.
Note: There's a video floating around Youtube in which someone took the song parody and set it to pictures.  This is not an authorized work from Rush Limbaugh.  He only authorized the song parody as audio.
Make a special note of this one.  Here Media Matters is whining about Rush talking about a Chicago Tribune article that is discussing Obama being assigned Secret Service protection. The left media is implying that Rush is the cause of it because of the song parody.  But note in the quote from the Tribune that they point out that Obama lives in the "Chicago's Kenwood neighborhood".  Now, if they were really concerned about the safety and security of Obama, why would any thinking person point out where his house is, and what does that have to do with the story?  Fact is, some of these left weenies would love to see Obama just up and disappear to clear the path for their Master, the Hildabeast.  Rush is right, as usual.  I'd be far more concerned about the Clinton Machine, Inc. than commentary on talk radio, even if it's Rush Limbaugh.
Finally, a Rush quote from his May 7, 2007 broadcast:
"Something that you should know that you don't know if you don't listen to this program, and that is that there is no racism on this program, that me, my audience, everybody associated with this program wants the best country possible.  We want people to live life to the fullest.  We try to inspire that here, try to motivate it, try to tell people not to be affected by the constant negative doom and gloom that makes up mainstream news media reporting these days; everything is a crisis; everything is going to kill us; the economy is doing horrible; there's no future in America.  All of these things are ridiculous. 

This is the greatest country on earth, and it pains us and it breaks my heart to see people who are not educated, motivated, and inspired to access the opportunity that this country provides and has provided since its founding.  It's a shame.  It is a crime, and it is not this program that's holding anybody back, it's quieted contrary.  We're doing our best to inspire and motivate people.  There is no excuse to tell people that they have no future in this country.  There is no excuse to tell people that they can't get where they want to get because of their skin color or because of their gender or because of their sexual orientation.  We all have obstacles to overcome.  That takes motivation and inspiration, takes desire.  I believe that desire and passion are 80% of achievement.  On this program we try to inspire that on a daily basis.  One of the ways we do it is make fun of the people, I think, who are holding other people back, and that's the American left.  I think the American left in this country looks at average Americans with contempt.  They don't see people with rosy futures and great opportunities.  They see people with too many obstacles to overcome.  They see people with limited intelligence and limited abilities and thus, as liberals, they set themselves up in power, in government, to come up with programs to help these people, which are nothing more than disguised attempts to buy votes. 

I think it's a crying shame to see anybody in this country so looked at and so treated.  This is the United States of America.  We want everybody and I want everybody in this country to achieve and to reach their potential, using whatever desire or ambition they have.  If you listen to this program regularly, you would understand that.  I mention all this only because what gets missed in all this so-called controversy that happens on this program is the context under which everything happens here.
I think. Therefore I am... a Rushie.
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