Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Truth Will Set You Free!

A little banter with the 'other side' ...
Since I'm here and it's a slow day, I'm going to take a minute and answer some of Martha's questions from the original post ("Why is there no outrage?"):
"Maybe it's only because subscribers to Rush Limbaugh's Web site were the only ones to see it – that is, until it got posted all over the Internet."
Well actually, Martha there's nothing to see.  It's an audio.  And Rush has been playing it for some 2 months on the radio. Remember the radio?  Pick almost any AM station and you could have heard it yourself FOR FREE, like millions of other people have. Uh, you may have to turn off your ipod.
"But there has been little outrage about the radio talk-show host's video, which features an Al Sharpton impersonator singing "Barack, the Magic Negro" (to the tune of "Puff, the Magic Dragon) about presidental candidate and Illinois sentaor Barack Obama."
Rush Limbaugh did not make any video, nor did he authorize a video, which proves you know little about which you speak. You are apparently reading a talking point off some other web site. Rush had PaulShanklin.com, a political satarist, make the audio.
"Limbaugh has said lots of nasty things about Obama before (including taking exception to his ethnic background) as he has about Sharpton. But why is this any less offensive than what Don Imus said on his air? Why isn't there more people upset about Limbaugh and calling for his dismissal?"
I challenge you to cite me one example of a "nasty thing" Rush has said about Obama or anyone else, other than to read a newspaper article over the air. Words that someone else said.
"According to one published account, Limbaugh not only refuses to apologize for the slur, but says it was a "liberal" black writer who coined the phrase in reference to the candidate. OK, just like Imus and his producer coined the phrase we all now know so well about the Rutgers women's basketball team."
One published account?  It WAS a liberal black writer who posed the question.  What does Imus have to do with this?
"But just because someone else said it first, doesn't mean it's OK to repeat it."
Are you talking to your two year-old?  Pray tell me why no one is allowed to challenge, question or criticize commentary that is offered up into the public discussion?  What would shows like Saturday Night Live,The Daily Show, Colbert Report, even Jay Leno do if they couldn't repeat and make fun of stupid or racist things other people in the media or in politics say?  Or is it only allowed when it's the liberal media doing the attacking?
"A person such as Limbaugh, who has a history of making disparaging comments about people who are members of races, religions and mindsets other than his own (remember his Donovan McNabb comments?) , has a forum and many followers who thrive on his inflammatory rhetoric."
The question is, DO YOU remember his Donovan McNabb comments? The liberals have tried to spin this into a racist attack by Rush on McNabb, when anyone who heard it or read the transcript of the incident knows his comment was not racist and was not even directed at McNabb. It was yet ANOTHER poke at the liberal media, who were hyping McNabb as God's Gift to football, despite his then 0-2 record for the season and sluggish performance thus far. McNabb pulled out of the slump and Rush has said many times since then that he's a great quarterback.  But the fact is, at the time, he wasn't earning his highest-paid salary and the press was largely giving him a pass.
"One is just left to wonder why his employers have left him in front of the microphone."
Rush doesn't have employers, Martha. Rush has employees.
"For his part, Obama said he hadn't heard the song but knew about it, and couldn't take offense at everything said about him."
I would hope not. Political satire is as old as this country, and today's satire is mild in comparison to previous periods.
"That's good, because it's a long time between now and the 2008 presidential election, and Limbaugh is just getting warmed up."
You got one right, Martha!  Rush IS just getting warmed up.  And all you liberals should listen to him 3 hours a day so you can be educated on what he's actually saying instead of regurgitating some slanted tripe off a whacko blog somewhere.

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