Sunday, May 20, 2007

Carter Blasts Bush on His Global Impact

Well would you look at who's calling the kettle black?

The worst president?

Why didn't this one-term wimp show that much nerve when he was in office? His weak-kneed policy of appease, negotiate and ignore is one of the building blocks that has emboldened today's terrorists. Why should Iran be afraid of us when Carter let them humiliate us as a superpower during the 444 days of the hostage crisis?

Don't you remember 20% inflation and over 8% unemployment, skyrocketing interest rates, soaring gas prices and even gas shortages? It may be arguable that these things weren't Carter's fault directly, but they happened on his watch so he gets the 'buck'.

It does go to show him to be a weak president in terms of our international standing with both foreign partners (and adversaries) and domestic policy. We're still fighting against the global impact left by his failed foreign policy from nearly 30 ago.

Why don't you just shut up and go build a house, Jimmuh.

Carter Blasts Bush on His Global Impact

Jimmy Carter: The Worst Ex-President in History
The Worst Ex-President
(Just Google 'jimmy carter worst president' and you'll find over a million entries)


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