Friday, April 13, 2007

Global Warming: A closer look at the numbers

Let's do a little math.

Review the data at the link and you'll see that man contributes about 0.28% of the total contribution to the so called "Greenhouse Effect" which "experts" are touting is the cause of Global Warming. (This little number gets left out of all the screeching about saving the planet. Most of the idiot celebrities are totally unaware of these facts.)

Global Warming: A closer look at the numbers

95% of the "Greenhouse Effect" is created by natural water vapor, NOT CO2. Folks, we can't do ANYTHING about that. The Earth's surface is 70% water! I live in the Smoky Mountains. Why do you think they call them the Smokies? WATER VAPOR! A large Oak tree can put out up to 900 gallons of water vapor into the air IN A DAY. (Should we ban trees?)

It is estimated that the U.S.'s portion of the total of all man-made contribution to the "Greenhouse Effect" is about 24%.


Even if we turned off EVERY LIGHT, stopped EVERY car, shut down EVERY generator, power plant and factory in the U.S. and even all held our breath until we were blue in the face, we would only affect the total "Greenhouse Effect" by ONE FOURTH of 0.28%

Do you get how infinitesimally small that is??? It doesn't matter how much measured "Greenhouse Effect" there is in the atmosphere. We're only contributing ONE FOURTH of 0.28% of it!

Do you see how absolutely stupid it is to think that we are somehow going to "Save the Planet" and change the climate through conservation, frugal consumption and outright abstention?
It's absurd! All of these environmentalist whacko tree huggers, celebrities and politicians are confusing environmental conservation with PLANETARY CLIMATE CHANGE. They are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. We're not going to "Save the Planet" with nutty ideas like switching from plastic bags back to paper (Didn't we switch from paper to plastic to save the planet's trees?).

The climate may well be changing. That's what has happened since the planet began. But WE'RE NOT DOING IT. And NOTHING we do will stop it.

But just because we can't stop it doesn't mean I subscribe to the doom and gloom of the so called "experts". No one knows how long this trend will last. Could be a few years, maybe more. It could reverse itself, sort of self-correct in the next few years, making all their 100 year model predictions totally worthless (not that they aren't useless anyway). Let's not forget all the "experts" were also touting the imminent coming of the next Ice Age in the mid 1970's. I'd take anything any "consensus" of "experts" have to say with a grain of salt and a lot of wait and see. Remember, it wasn't all that long ago that it was common "consensus" by all the "experts" that the world was flat, and anyone who disagreed was branded a heretic.

But even if the trend doesn't change and the climate continues to warm, we'll deal with it. Man has battled the elements of this planet since the beginning. There's no reason to suggest that we will not adapt and continue to thrive. And it might even be a good thing. What if you had to buy less heating oil? Aw gee.

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