Thursday, February 08, 2007

Welcome to New York, where Everything is Illegal

Welcome to New York, where Everything is Illegal

Doncha just love to watch the Legislative Control Freaks in Action?

Face it people, with 300 million of us wandering around the country there's bound to be a few who are just going to poke a stick in their eye or walk in front of a bus. Strop trying to legislate away the Natural Order of Things.

The CDC says "In 2002, 188 people died of carbon monoxide poisoning from consumer products including home heating. One hundred three of those deaths were associated with home heating systems." Who know how many dozens of other creative ways people have found to terminate themselves right there in their own homes?

Are we going to ban home heating? Homes? How about we just ban stupid people. Or better yet, stupid knee-jerk, Control Freak legislators.

This is especially amusing to watch to see just what the threshold level of legislative tolerance New Yorkers have. You can tax the crap out of them, make it illegal for your dog to poop in the grass and force them to go on diets, and all they do is shrug and take it. But take away their iPods?

Now you're talking Revolution, man.



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