Sunday, January 14, 2007

Has John "Two Americas" Edwards seen the light?

"If you think about everyday life,
people are more likely to take responsibility
when no one else is helping them
or propping them up," John Edwards told Larry King. (aired January 10, 2007)
What's this?  Has John "Two Americas" Edwards seen the light?  Does be really believe that people who step up and take personal responsibility without someone propping them up, are likely to be stronger and more successful in their every day lives?  Eureka!  I'm voting for John Edwards!
But wait.  Edwards wasn't talking about Americans. Americans, who have created more by-their-bootstrap success stories than any society in history.  Oh, no, he didn't mean Americans. 
Edwards will quickly point out how the quote was taken out of context.  But it hasn't been really.  People are people everywhere.  The statement is true no matter where it's applied.  Everywhere people are allowed to live free and take personal responsibility for their every day lives you will find successful people (barring someone trying to shoot them or blow them up at any given moment).  Freedom and Liberty are the tenets of personal responsibility and of genuine personal success.
No, Edwards was talking about Iraqis.  You know, those folks who've had all the opportunities to just step up and take over control of their "everyday life" handed to them on a silver platter. From fixing their kids breakfast in the morning and patting them on their butts before sending them off to school, to running their police stations, Quick Stops and, oh yeah their entire government.  After all, it's been three years for crying out loud!
But regular Americans?  I mean the one Edwards usually refers to.  You know, the bottom half of his "Two Americas" mantra.  No, they can't make it on their own.  They aren't capable, even generation after generation of making it without being propped up.  They can't find a job themselves that pays more than $5.15 an hour without his help.  They can't be trusted to choose where they want to send their kids to school without his help. They're certainly not capable of taking a small piece of their own retirement fund out of the hands of government and learning how to handle investing it themselves for a vastly greater return.  And let's not even get started on what he and his party think of someone having the right and the means to take personal responsibility to defend themselves and their property.
No, we need him and his party to protect us and take care of us and look out for us from the cradle to the grave in his "Two Americas" world.
Mr. Edwards I'm offended.  In fact, you have offended every American in this country.  You're prepared to set a higher standard for Iraqis than you think your own fellow citizens are capable of achieving.  How dare you disrespect us so.
Why would anyone want to have you for a leader when you think so little of your fellow Americans?  How could anyone follow your ideology when the very core of it strives to stifle personal responsibility and curtail the freedom that comes with it?
No sir, there is only one America.  There is only one Iraq.  The only thing there are two us is both sides of your mouth, and the eyes and ears of the Internet are upon you.
The fact is, people will succeed if you will get out of the way and let them.  The Iraqis need our help, not to be propped up, or to take over their personal responsibilities, but to eliminate the real threat they face in their daily lives of being killed.  If we can drive off or kill or even change the hearts of the terrorists and insurgents so these people can live in peace, then you'll find they will do just fine on their own. 
Democracy works, if you give it a chance.  You folks should try it sometime.
Larry Wright

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