Saturday, January 27, 2007

Global Warming "Deniers" Equated to "Holocaust Deniers"

I thought I smelled a Rockefeller. That makes sense since this political man made global warming tripe is all about Global Control. Fits right in with a one-world government, as supported by liberal elitists like Rockefeller. After all, the United States is obviously not capable of taking this crisis seriously enough. No, we need global governance to achieve our goals! And all we need is a few billion (trillion?) dollars from the pockets of the American taxpayer to solve this crisis!

I found this at the John Birch Society. That letter is an amazing display of elitist arrogance:

"Global Warming Deniers" Equated to "Holocaust Deniers" — Galileo Rolls in his Grave

Regarding the on-going "debate" over "man-made" global warming, of note is the recent letter from Senators Olympia Snowe (R.ME) and Jay Rockefeller IV (D.WV) to Exxon/Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson demanding his company cease funding the two dozen or so organizations and individuals the senators termed a "small cadre of global climate change skeptics."


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