Sunday, December 17, 2006

Trying to 'Rangel' the facts

Is Charlie Rangel simply an IDIOT, a moron or just a calculating liar?

He continues to spout his bogus mantra that the military is just made up of a bunch of poor, hapless losers, in an effort to undermine America's strength, Bush's policies and the war effort in Iraq. I suppose he figures if he keeps repeating it, people will actually start to believe him. But in doing so, he disparages the honor of every man and woman who has ever served, is serving now or who will step up and serve in the military.

Goddamn you Mr. Rangel for trying to dishonor my daughter and son-in-law, both Desert Storm veterans, and my wife, a Vietnam-era veteran, honorable veterans all.

(I did not serve due to health issues since childhood).

Trying to 'Rangel' the facts

Rangel is not really interested in reinstituting the military draft. His purpose is so transparently obvious it's laughable, which is to create a wedge of resentment between supposed ethnic or economic "classes". This is the typical "two Americas" dogma (ala John Edwards) of left-headed liberals like Rangel, which they then use to divide and conquer in the political arena. They don't want us to just see Americans. They try to separate everyone into groups, classes and caucuses and then pit one against another, professing to care about the 'poor', the 'downtrodden' vs the rich, white, corporate bad guys. The only war liberals really care about is class warfare, because it's their only avenue to power. They must have a victim they can "save" or they have no purpose. And in order to have a victim they need to create a culprit. Whether it's rich vs poor, black vs white, or corporate vs union, the playbook is the same; divide and conquer.

People like you make me sick, Rangel. May God Bless every one of the brave men and women who, on their own, chose to step up and who are fighting and defending us around the world to make it possible for career politicians like you -- the real pool of hapless losers who migrate from free enterprise to government -- free to spout your pompous gas, and citizens like me free to call you on it without getting shot.

May God Bless America, where Freedom and Liberty is bought and paid for, for us all, by those who are ready, able and willing to fight for it.

Larry Wright
Maggie Valley


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