Friday, September 22, 2006

Wal-Mart to Sell Generic Drugs for $4

Ya better, wake up 'Wake Up Wal-Mart', or you're going to point WalMart in the same direction as the big car companies.  They are a shining example of union-controlled companies where wages and benefits get so far out of whack the company sinks under the weight.  Massive layoffs, closing plants and jobs moved out of the country. Happy now?
What WalMart is doing for the public, in their own way, is far superior to what you bleeding heart liberal socialists want them to do.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Pope comments explosive in Mideast: analysts

Pope comments explosive in Mideast: analysts

Another quote.
Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit had "fears that the declarations by the pope did nothing but reinforce calls for a war of the civilizations," said his spokesman Alaa Al-Hadidi.
Hello?  Someone has called for a "war of the civilizations" and this incident "did nothing but reinforce" that?
While we have separated our religious beliefs from our government, by decree, many other nations of the world, particularly the Muslim world have not.  Nor do they intend to. Their government IS their religion.  Their religion is their government.  They are one and the same and they are inseparable. 
So if their religion is out to conquer the world and eradicate the unbeliever, so are their governments.
If some of you folks still think we're not already engaged in World War III, you'd better stop drinking Decaf and wake up.
This is a battle of the Ages.  Make no mistake.  This is a fight to the finish.
As long as they continue to kill the innocent to make political statements, we will have no choice but to kill them back. 
Only he who has the will -- and the most bullets -- will win.

Muslims Assail Pope's Remarks on Islam

Muslims Assail Pope's Remarks on Islam
Here's the quote of all quotes regarding Islam:

Pakistan's Foreign Ministry also called the pope's remarks "regrettable."

"Anyone who describes Islam as a religion as intolerant encourages violence," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Tasnim Aslam said.


So let me get this straight. 

This so-called "religion of peace and tolerance" is ready to spark violence at the first sign of anyone describing Islam as a religion of intolerance. 

Well, by my definition that certainly describes a religion of intolerance!


It's amusing that what is apparently pissing these people off is having the truth, from historical documents, read back to them. They must not want you to know what history really says about Islam. And anyone who has the nerve to stand up and speak the truth will be attacked and vilified.



Major Problems At Polls Feared -

Major Problems At Polls Feared
If there are voting problems this fall it's because the leadership at the state and country level are either totally incompetent or they are taking orders from a higher political power, or they are crooks themselves.  You can't be this bad at this year after year, accidently.
I've watched state after state after state after state implement a lottery system, which involves handling millions of dollars, correctly printing tickets and precisely verifying and validating those tickets when claims are made.  Anyone who claims winnings must show ID and pay the appropriate taxes.  All of this is accomplished on a daily basis around the country, without incident.  I've yet to hear about any major flaw in the lottery system of any state. 
Yet these same states, after years of "trying" just can't get a simple voting system implemented that validates and correctly processes properly registered voters.
I've also never heard of anyone so stupid they couldn't find a 7-11, or was unable to fill out their lottery number card properly.  Yet it's the same people who can't register to vote correctly, who show up at the wrong precinct or who have some other major problem (like hanging chads).
Get a grip, people.  If you're too stupid to vote, please don't.
And if your country government can't get their act straight and manage an honest election process, don't blame George Bush.