Thursday, August 31, 2006

California takes lead in global warming fight

California takes lead in global warming fight
California may have a big economy but the State is apparently run by little minds.  This act should be called the 'Little Mouse that Roared'.  It's ridiculous to believe that this legislation will have any effect whatsoever on the trend of natural global warming.  (So when the Earth goes into its natural cooling cycle, does that mean they're going to require companies to pollute MORE?)
So what does it accomplish, really?  Well, follow the money of course.  The keyword in the article is 'carbon credit trading'.  What's that you ask?
Let's say we have Factory A and Factory B.  The government sets a rule of how much a factory can pollute the environment. 
Factory A is using only 50% of its allotment.  But Factory B, a big polluter, is using 50% over its cap.  Is the solution to 'get green' with newer non-polluting technology? 
Heck no.  With 'carbon credit trading' all Factory B has to do is approach Factory A and buy the allotment they're not using.  Bam!  End of problem. 
What changed in the amount of pollution being created?  Exactly nothing.  Neither company changed a thing.  It's all on paper.  But now both factories are in full compliance of the law.
No kiddies, what really changed was that now there is a new level of State bureauracracy with a new level of pinhead bureaucrats, paid nice paychecks and great benefits to track, log, follow and enforce all this trading, and to make it all look good on paper to the gullible public.  See?  California is DOING SOMETHING about global warming. Cool. Now don't all you tree huggers feel better?
The only other thing that happened is that money changed hands between Factory B and Factory A.  And we all know what happens when money changes hands.  That's right, THE STATE TAXES IT.
Yes California has taken the lead once again.  Towards more taxes, more regulation, which means higher prices for virtually everything, and less freedom overal. 
And not one bit of it will make one iota of difference to real global warming.

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