Thursday, March 09, 2006

NASA discovers water on Saturn's moon

Global warming! Global warming!

NASA discovers water on Saturn's moon

I bet Bush gets the blame for this too.


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

NJ Law Would Prohibit Anonymous Posts

Update 3/14/06: A few hundred calls and emails from all over the country and even from Canada helped him see the light.

InformationWeek | Online Free Speech | Internet Backlash Stalls Jersey Civility Bill | March 14, 2006

3/7/06 As noted on today's Drudge Report, here's another little wanna-be Napoleon control freak pent on controlling human nature and the universe as we know it. Some no-name assemblyman in New Jersey has his shorts all in a wad, probably because some online ne'er do well acosted his niece's honor on some online forum, so he's going to defend her honor. Who knows what motivates these people.

NJ Bill Would Prohibit Anonymous Posts on Forums...

More at Google Search for 'Peter Biondi

Of course this guy is going to get laughed off the podium, but people like this are relentless. The control freaks never go away. If they can't legislate away their problem with free speech directly, they'll come back and try to pass a law requiring an ID to buy a keyboard.

Eternal vigilance is the only way to protect freedom against pinheads like this.

Go away, Peter. The world is full of far more important problems you can worry about.

Note this is not an anymous post. If you want to find me you can.