Saturday, April 30, 2005

AARP Has Its Own Private Accounts!

Oh the hypocrisy!

AARP Has Its Own Private Accounts

I was wondering why AARP, an organization that claims to want to make your life better in your Golden Retirement years, would be so adamantly opposed to President Bush's private Social Security account plan. The answer? (as always): FOLLOW THE MONEY.

AARP manages almost a Billion dollars of retiree's money in various mutual funds! They certainly wouldn't want to give up a piece of that pie to millions of individuals who might take their investment dollars to other investment companies so they can control their own destiny.

This just makes me furious. Federal Social Security is a sick, pathetic joke. How could anyone be so stupid that they would want a government bureaucracy to manage their investment nest egg instead of a professional investment company? To boot, Congress takes the money you send in (via FICA tax on your paycheck) and uses it every year on projects like Boston's Big Dig.

Wake up America! If you are so ignorant you don't know how to buy a stock or invest in a mutual fund yourself then get youself educated. There are literally thousands of web sites that will teach you the basics for free. There are classes you can take at the local community college or various investment broker's offices. With a little research you can find a broker or mutal investment company with a good reputation that you can trust with your money.

I did it. I didn't know a stock from a 401K until I was in my 20's. No one in my family had ever invested money in the stock market. But when my mother passed away she left her five kids a little nest egg (thank God she didn't just rely on Social Security. She died at age 54 and we never saw a dime of her 40 years of hard work and paying into that system.). We took that little nest egg and did some research and found a good mutual fund company to invest the money in. We've all tapped that fund several times over the years and it's still producing capital growth.

My mother-in-law did it. Her husband died a couple of years after he retired. Although she had worked in a bank in her younger years, she had never managed the books at home. He handled most of the investments, taxes, etc. Fortunately he left her in good hands financially but she had to quickly educate herself on investments, taxes and Real Estate. So she did. She took an H&R Block class, not so she could do her own taxes, but just so she knew what was what on the forms, so she had a clue what her accountant was doing. She sought out friends and relatives who knew about investing. She took classes. Today she still manages her own affairs and her assets have continued to grow.

Don't tell me the average person can't do it. The problem is, the AVERAGE person is to damn lazy to do it. Many people don't even want to think about retirement. They want someone else to worry about it for them. They seem to intentionally stay ignorant so they don't have to accept the responsibity for their own future. Oh they'll tell you they just don't have time to learn about it. That's nonsense. Turn off the damn TV and you'll free up many hours of time.

Back to AARP. I've about had it with their propaganda and bold faced lies about the proposed changes to strengthen your financial situation in your retirement. If a 20 year-old starts investing 4% of their wages now they'll be a millionaire when they retire at 65. With a million bucks in the bank who the hell needs Social Security? That IS Social Security! And you won't need those 10%-off coupons from the AARP either.



Wednesday, April 27, 2005

College opens doors to illegal immigrants

This just infuriates me. Not only are they letting illegal aliens attend college (and schools), they're going to let them pay resident in-state tuition rates! Great. So now my tax dollars are being spent on resources meant for law-abiding American kids, but instead they're coddling the people who have illegally entered the country. This is absolutely insane.

College opens doors to illegal immigrants


Air America probed after Bush 'gunshots'

Jeez, I didn't know "Err" America was still on the air! What will some people do to get a little free publicity? Of course since it's a liberal bunch threatening a Republican it will likely get a pass in most of the media. Were it the other way around, heads would roll.

WorldNetDaily: Air America probed after Bush 'gunshots'


The numbers show them still hanging on in their limited market, but they're pulling in fewer listeners than Carribean music.

Byron York on Air America on National Review Online