Sunday, November 21, 2004

Sickness afoot: New Video Game Recreates Kennedy Assassination

What kind of a sick puke excuse for humans would come out with something as detestable as this? How this could qualify as being called a video "game" is beyond belief.

There are plenty of the Michael Moore-esque mentality in society who feel there are no bounds to common decency or taste. If it feels good, do it. Anything goes. And while you're at it, make as much money as you can with it.

As much as I dislike Ted Kennedy and virtually everything he stands for politically, I feel for him and the Kennedy family, as well as all Americans who must be subjected to this kind of trash in the name of free speech.

It's even more appalling due their timing the release on the 41st anniversary of the assassination.

Absolutely Pathetic.

The only thing worse than the pigs who created this garbage are the sick idiots who will pay ten bucks to download it.

New Video Game Recreates Kennedy Assassination

Here is the page. I'm only including it in hopes you'll click on the feedback page and tell them what you think of their program.

Update: 11/22/04 Rush Limbaugh's comments
The Cutting Edge: JFK-Shoot Game Bad; Bush Assassination Good?


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