Sunday, October 03, 2004

TSTV Too Stupid To Vote? Voter Fraud!

There's lots of talk out there of rampant voter fraud in the works.

One Ohio county pop. 815,000 has had over 817,000 voter registration applications and they're still coming in!

Reports are coming in from all over. This blog site is trying to keep a list of them.

It's absolutely amazing to me that in 33 states you don't have to actually show ID to a) register or b) VOTE (either in person or especially by absentee ballot). Why would that be? Is there some correlation here as to why so many voter offices are run by by Democrats?

A Single Factor May Decide This Election: Voter Fraud
ChronWatch, United States -
Sep 28, 2004

... KOBTV in Albuquerque reports that a US attorney has formed a voter-fraud task force. The problem is that only 17 states require identification in order to vote ...

The notion that having to show proper, legal ID is somehow unconstitutional because it is effectively a "poll tax" is absolute nonsense.

Look, if you are a fully functioning adult then you have ID of some kind. The idea that 'every vote counts' including the the homeless wino sleeping on a park bench is ludicrous. The claim that some voters are being "disenfranchised" because they couldn't figure out how to vote properly is another idiotic claim. If you're too stupid to fgure out how to fill out a voter card and submit it correctly, then you're Too Stupid To Vote (TSTV), pure and simple.

The same morons who caused all the hanging chad  nonsense along the Gold Coast of Florida in 2000, who couldn't punch a hole in the right place on a simple ballot, are the SAME idiots who have no trouble filling out 6 digits on a Lotto card week after week. And believe me, if any one of them were to actually win that Lottery, when they went to claim it you can bet you sweet ass that they are going to ID you so the IRS can get their chunk of it. I don't hear anyone claiming that is unconstitutional.

Guess which way the fraud is leaning? All reports so far show an inordinate number of DEMOCRAT registrations taking place over Republican registrations. Big surprise. The Dems will of course claim they're just getting out there with aggressive, but legitimate voter drives. Bull. Dead people can't vote. Non-US citizens can't vote. Felons can't vote. Yet all these groups of people are showing up on voter rolls as Democrats. Why is that?

It's high time for this lunacy to come to a screeching halt. Unfortunately, even having had 4 years to resolve the issue, it looks like we're going to be faced with wide-spread voter fraud this time around, again.

It's legitimate voters who are being disenfranchised. They play by the rules and do everything right, yet the power of their vote is diluted by faud.

It's not right and it needs to be fixed.

Where the hell is '60 Minutes' when you really need them? (Yeah right) Are there no real journalists out there any more than will dig out the truth? Has all the news media simply become one big Op-Ed page?


Debatable -- Will a questionable voter registration drive taint ...
Journal Times Online, WI -17 hours ago
... This year's alleged voter registration fraud may lead to ... of the more than 200,000 voter registration applications ... to present a valid identification card before ...
Some applications are 'suspicious,' say elections officials Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

'Vote By Mail' A Formula For Fraud
American Daily, OH - Oct 1, 2004
... You don’t need to show identification of any kind. You don’t have to demonstrate residency. ... Voter fraud happens in Chicago, we say, not here. ...

Some applications are 'suspicious,' say elections officials Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WI -
Oct 1, 2004

By TOM KERTSCHER. The Milwaukee Election Commission has asked the district attorney's office to review 21 voter registration applications ...

Registration problems raise fears of voter fraud
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WI -
Oct 1, 2004

By TOM KERTSCHER. Racine - Fears of possible voter fraud were raised throughout Wisconsin last week after reports of possible voter ...

Deputy registrar may have violated state election law
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WI -
Sep 30, 2004

By TOM KERTSCHER. A Milwaukee man who worked in a Racine voter registration drive said Thursday he never met with any of the people ...

Votes raise red flag on potential for fraud
Atlanta Journal Constitution (subscription), GA - Sep 29, 2004
... Early votes are marked with a numbered identification in case they are later ... He accused Cox of overlooking more serious cases of voter fraud, and produced ...

Authorities Investigating Voter Fraud by Democratic Groups in Ohio
HundredPercenter, United States -
Sep 24, 2004

... County, similar cases of fraud have arisen ... The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification & Investigation ... examination of 803 suspect voter registration applications ...


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