Tuesday, October 12, 2004

No Excuse for Voter Fraud

It is totally asinine to me that many of the 50 States can run virtually flawless Lotteries, handling millions of dollars daily, yet cannot seem to master a simple concept, such as one qualified legal resident of their state equals one qualified vote.

Every single lottery ticket that is purchased and printed is registered in a central computer the instant it is created. No entries are made without proper payment. No numbers are lost in the transaction. Millions of dollars are at stake and to operate less than flawlessly would create an accounting nightmare that would collapse the system in short order. It is inconceivable that a simple voting system cannot be developed, using similar technology that prevents fraudulent registration and improper voting.

Yet many of these same states are now standing there, either intentionally oblivious or just wide-eyed, with just over 3 weeks to go before the most important general election in the 21st century, and, after 230 years now, can't seem to get a handle on the process of valid voter registration, proper voting and precise vote counting.

Why is that? What are the people in charge of the voting process getting paid for? Why is the system in such a shambles that such voter fraud could even be such a problem?

Florida made the news in 2000 because some voters were too stupid to follow simple voting instructions. But it was "the system" that was given the blame, not the voter that couldn't punch a hole in a paper card. Give me a break. The people that caused most of the ruckus are the same people who are in their local 7-11 week after week diligently filling out lottery cards with a Number 2 pencil without going outside the lines of the little circles. No problem. They're the same people who are playing Bingo every Friday in the local Bingo Halls, deftly placing a button over the correct numbers as they are called out. No problem there, either. Yet these people whine that they've been "disenfranchised" because their vote didn't count.

Well guess what? Their vote SHOULDN'T count if it is not a legitimate vote. It should not count if they live in two states and register to vote in both. It should not count if they've moved and their voter profile information is not correct. It should not count if they are a convicted felon, if the laws of their state are such that convicted felons are stripped of their voting rights. It should not count if they are not a U.S. Citizen and they registered to vote in a U.S. election! It should not count if they didn't get to the voting booth before closing.

Finally, it should not count if they didn't properly fill out and submit their voter registration and subsequently their ballot. This notion of "hanging chads" was about the most ridiculous ploy I've have ever seen to try to steal an election. No one complained about hanging chads when the Democrats were winning many of the top offices. If they don't like the law, then they should work to change it, but they don't get to ignore it just because THEY don't think it's fair.

But the biggest fraud of all is taking place right now, today, in state after state (See http://billhobbs.com/hobbsonline/cat_voter_fraud.html for a growing list of reports from around the country.) Thousands of questionable or outright bogus voter registrations are pouring into county offices all over the country. Many of them have the fingerprints and the smell of known leftist, socialist and even communist organizations, some of whom are funded by the billionaire George Soros, who has openly stated he will spend whatever he has to spend to unseat George W. Bush. Apparently he is also willing to spend it in any way he can, legal or not, to meet his goal.

It's probably too late the fix the system for this election. Americans everywhere who are law-abiding, legally registered and who vote correctly, are going to have to sit by and watch the attempt to steal this election from them by fraud. Their vote will not count if hundreds of bogus votes are piled on top of it.

It is THEY who are being disenfranchised. Our government is being stolen from US. I hope you will help by demanding that the state gets a handle on the voter registration process. There is absolutely no excuse that the sorry state and county governments should not be held accountable for such negligence. If not, it will come as no surprise when the Federal government steps in to create a National ID card (that will surely get used for much more than voting), because the states seem to be unable or unwilling to do so.



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